Flex Map Application

Flex Map Application

The inception of Global Positioning System (GPS) and remote sensing technology has made easier to illustrate the map. Now you can pin point yourself or your near and dears anytime anywhere using your GPS system enabled mobile. After launching the mega projects by Google, Yahoo and MSN, digital maps are easily available on your gazettes.

This trend has boosted this sector and now maps are also being illustrated on Adobe Flex. Developing maps on Flex is smoother and easier than developing on Adobe Flash. It has not much restriction like Flash. Flex is a highly productive, free open source framework for building and maintaining expressive web applications, the flexibility and quality of Flex has enabled the developers to develop the map application on Flex.

Flex Map Application is developed on ActionScript component and the tool of making map is freely available on Google and Yahoo Map. The Flex DataMap control is used for making Flex map application. Flex DataMap a free, open source component used for inputting the data in your DataGrid or TileList control to plot the location or the customize field of the map.

We are expert in developing Flex Map Application, as we have used hundreds of time in our clients? as well as our project. Our Flex programmers are quite handy in ActionScript while our senior developers analyse the data and deploy it on Flex map using Flex DataMap tool. We have a robust team of efficient professionals who have depth knowledge and vast experience of their field that make easy to them to develop Flex map applications.

Our developed Flex map apps are 99% accurate and we assure our clients that they can easily use it. On the demand of customers, we customize the map and add several other features that fulfill their requirements.

So, if you are an academician, scientist, geologist, astrologist, weather scientist, student or in other professional and need the most lucrative and accurate map, order us now. We will provide the most updated Flex Map Apps. We also deals with the software development firms, Colleges and institutes for making customized Flex web Applications. For getting it, just order us by filling up ?Quote Request Form?, and we will revert you within two working days.

We request you to call us at +91 9313063554 or email us at [email protected]  for you software development needs.

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