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Rose India offers custom e Commerce solutions including shopping cart design and secure payment gateways. Online shopping affords the customer the benefit of shopping at leisure from one?s PC at home or on the go.

E-Commerce Solutions

Rose India E Commerce and Online Shopping Solutions

After e-mail and e-chat, e-commerce or online shopping has become the next biggest craze that is bound to continue for a long time to come. Rose India offers custom e Commerce solutions including shopping cart design and secure payment gateways. Online shopping affords the customer the benefit of shopping at leisure from one's PC at home or on the go. We offer online shopping solutions that offer multiple options to your customer's so they can view the products in their entirety from all possible angles and select them only when they are completely content.

At Rose India we understand what it takes to setup a successful online shopping business and hence we offer all E Commerce solutions like email follow-ups, customisable shopping carts, auto responders, customer verification solutions, 24/7 payment acceptance solutions via credit card and many others.

Rose India e-Commerce solutions come in a completely integrated package taking into consideration all online shopping requirements rather than in a piecemeal manner.ADS_TO_REPLACE_1 Rose India online shopping solutions include:

? E-Store

? Fully featured Shopping Cart

? E-billing and real time billing calculation ADS_TO_REPLACE_2

? Customer account maintenance with session tracking and reporting

? Automated Email sales confirmation

? Payment Gateway Integration ADS_TO_REPLACE_3

? High level customisation tools

Enhanced Online Shopping Experience:

Customer's shopping online seek a hassle free and enjoyable experience where the information on products they want is easily available. The shopping cart designed by our skilled programmers ensures complete customisation options with comprehensive management options like selection of quantity, tax calculator, payment options, shipping options and so on. We provide a clean and clutter-free interface with easy navigations options to enhance the online shopping experience manifold.ADS_TO_REPLACE_4

Secure Payment Options:

e-Commerce customers are quite finicky about paying online and rightly so, considering the numerous online frauds that surface daily. Rose India offers completely secure and encrypted integrated payment options including wire line transfers, PayPal integration, shippable goods, Cash on Delivery (COD), downloadable online services with host of customisation features. Our payment options are not just secure but reliable and affordable as well. We can even integrate payment options with your website turning it into a virtual storefront with enhanced customer experience.

Often customers visiting E-Commerce online shops hesitate to pay via credit card that requires disclosing sensitive information. Rose India has an answer to such common issues in the form of PayPal integration with your online shopping store. PayPal ensures safe and secure online transactions and is understandably trusted by millions of online shoppers and eCommerce sites. ADS_TO_REPLACE_5


Rose India's e-commerce content management services provide powerful features, such as user management, workflow pattern, and template administration through our administrative interface for non-technical users to manage.

Rose India's CMS automates and organizes your content publishing to ensure content checking and signing before site is updated. Using our CMS you can reduce maintenance expenditure and evade problems during site updating. We help you handle online commerce processes and content in any configuration, including scanned pictures, e-documents, legacy data, audio and video.ADS_TO_REPLACE_6

Your e-commerce management system can handle media files, documents, online content, customized data and product catalogues allowing easy creation and editing of all content.  

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