Dynamics 365 Consulting Companies

We are among top dynamics 365 consulting companies in India providing Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 Consulting Companies - We are among Top Dynamics 365 Consulting Companies in 2021

Rose India Technologies is providing Dynamics 365 Consulting services to our esteem clients around the world. We have completed many Dynamics 365 implementations for our client and developed solutions using Dynamics 365 solutions stack. We offer Dynamics 365 Consulting services which includes migration, new development, integration and feature enhancements in Dynamics 365 solutions. We help our client in transforming their business process with the development of customized Dynamics 365 solutions for their sales, Field Service, Finance, Customer service and other staffs in the organization.

Our Dynamics 365 Consulting services helps organizations in transforming their business operations for maximum ROI. We help organizations in implementing new solutions for their business using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform, which is an hosted solutions from Microsoft for rapid development of applications for the clients.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

About Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering from Microsoft that comes with many modules such as customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource management (ERP) , Sales, Customer support and many others. Developers can easily develop more modules as per client requirements. We are Rose India helps client in implementing custom workflows and modules in Dynamics 365 to meet the client business needs. You can connect our Dynamics 365 consulting team for developing or customizing solutions for your business.

Dynamics 365 Power App

Microsoft Dynamics 365 hosted solution which provides solutions that can be used by accounting, sales, marketing, field staff, customers and customer service departments for better management of company processes. This helps companies in improving overall process and get most out of day-to-day business process. Our clients finds real benefits of the applications in improving companies processes.

We are expert in Azure platform management and launched many Dynamics 365 solutions for our client. Dynamics 365 uses Azure and Office 365, which helps clients in fast adoption of the solutions development on this platform. Applications developed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is very easy to use and your staff will adopt to new applications without huge learning curve. The UI developed in Dynamics 365 is very user friendly and thus very easy for anyone to use it.

Dynamics 365 Customization

We are Rose India Technologies provides  Dynamics 365 consulting services and assist our client in developing/configuring Dynamics 365 applications to meet their business requirements. We provide Dynamics 365 and Office 365 consulting services to help client in achieving their application development needs.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consulting offering

  • Marketing Automation With Dynamics 365
  • Custom Reporting With Dynamics 365
  • Custom Dashboards Development in Dynamics 365
  • Tailored Workflows Development in Dynamics 365
  • Event Management with Dynamics 365 modules
  • Email Marketing management with Dynamics 365
  • Social Media management with Dynamics 365

Digital transformation of company operation with Dynamics 365

  • Service Automation with Dynamics 365
  • Sales Automation with Dynamics 365
  • Finance & Operations management with Dynamics 365
  • Talent Management with Dynamics 365
  • Marketing Management with Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Consulting Services from highly Experienced Company

Microsoft developed Dynamics 365 solutions to take this CRM beyond sales force automation and it is now established platform for generating digital intelligence with companies business data. This platform can be customized to meet every day need of company. Companies are using Dynamics 365 to run their business operations and managing it in the highly secure collaborative environment.

Dynamics 365 Model Driven app

We are one of the highly experience Dynamics 365 consulting companies having experience in customizing Dynamics 365 CRM and Dynamics apps. If you looking for Dynamics 365 Consulting companies then our team of experience staff is here to build solutions using Dynamics 365 and Azure cloud platform. We will install configure and customize Dynamics 365 as per your business specification.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform is feature rich highly customizable solution which is used by large number of clients around the world for your organization's digital transformation needs. We are Dynamics 365 consulting company offering customizations of:

  • Service Management
  • Sales Management
  • Finance & Operations Management
  • Talent Management
  • Marketing Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is highly intelligent platform which is a ready to use platform used by large number of companies around the world. It can be customized to meet client's specific use case. Developers can also develop the custom solution using Dynamics 365 to meet the business processes of the company. We offer Dynamics 365 customization services where understands out client's need and then customize based on the use case of the company. We will develop the custom processes to seamlessly capture and present the information during company's business process such as sales, marketing, support and so on.

You can use Dynamics 365 features to well manage your customers, increase customer acquisitions and increase the customer retention percentage with the help of tools available with this platform. Dynamics 365 can be used for complete customer lifecycle management process and overall increase the efficiency of the company staffs. We will help you in customizing the sales, customer service, field service, operations and financials to meet you requirements.

Contact our sales teams for the customization of  sales, customer service, field service, operations and financial module of Dynamics 365 as per your custom use case. We have experience in the customization of  sales, customer service, field service, operations and financial module of Dynamics 365 online, where we have developed custom plugins, integration code, customized modules for our clients. All these helped our clients in improving the business efficiency and overall business goal of the organization.

Microsoft Dynamics Consulting - Complete Customization of Dynamics 365

We are offering complete customization of Dynamics 365 CRM and other modules as per your requirement. The Customized Dynamics 365 applications will help you in smoothly running and customizing the business as per your business requirements. This will further help you in achieving business process excellence with improved customer engagement. Well customized Dynamics 365 solution will help you in precisely manage your business. We at Rose India offers Microsoft Dynamics 365 customization services to cater your business needs and growing your business fast.

Our Microsoft Dynamics application configuration services:

  • Installation, Customization and Configuration of Dynamics 365 CRM
  • Data Migration from your previous system to Dynamics 365
  • Integration of Dynamics 365 with other applications
  • Custom Development of modules for Dynamics 365
  • Extension and plugin development for Dynamics 365
  • Application Support services
  • Develop Business Intelligence and Reporting for your Dynamics 365 application
  • Training the users of your company to use Dynamics 365
  • CRM Upgrade and Upgrade
  • XRM Development to add more functionalities to Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Dashboard

Microsoft Dynamics 365 setup services

We work with client to understand their complete requirement and validate the requirements with the client. Once we are on the same page start the initial setup of the environment on the Dynamics 365 server. Dynamics 365 is fully managed solutions which can used by clients for managing their data and processes. During the setup and configuration process of Dynamics 365 we perform following detailed activities:

  • Planning for Dynamics 365 setup
  • Setup of Dynamics 365 and perform initial configuration
  • Setup of Attributes and Entities
  • Setup Entity View, Forms and relationships
  • Setup Email, Charts, Dashboards and other required components

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advanced Customization Services

One the initial setup of Dynamics 365 is completed you can start using it for business process. After the first setup of setup, configuration and customization we will move forward for the next level of customization of Dynamics 365 CRM. Our advanced Dynamics 365 customization services include:

  • Customization of Dynamics 365 data add/edit forms and views used in the application to meet business unique requirements
  • Custom development of Interactive Forms and views
  • Development of  Interactive Dashboards
  • Development of custom modules to cater specific business requirements
  • Development of custom of Business Rules, Workflows, Processes, and Web Resources in Dynamics 365
  • Development and Customization applications to meet specific branding needs of the company

We also develop applications for Microsoft Dynamics CRM or XRM that leverages the .NET Framework for development of custom integration applications for your enterprise. We are top Dynamics 365 Consulting Companies in India having experience in Dynamics 356 implementations. Contact us for Dynamics 365 solution planning, setup, customizations and custom application development. Our sales team will discuss your requirements and come up with the technical solutions to meet your Dynamics 365 customization needs.

We request you to call us at +91 9313063554 or email us at [email protected]  for you software development needs.

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