Google news approved website for sale

I have several Google news approved website for sale, anyone interested can buy from me.

Google news approved website for sale - Have several domain names approved in Google is available for sale

I am working in media and new domain, in fast few years I worked on many news domains. Many of these domains are available and anyone interested can buy from me. These domains are custom developed and have content.

These Google news approved websites are for sale with content in it. These are very high quality domains with traffic history and custom developed with high quality news content. These news contents are written by highly experienced journalists. You can use these domains to create your brand with less effort. All of these domains are adsense safe and spam free. High quality domains will automatically give you great advantage.

The process of getting a website into Google news is very though task and it requires a lot of effort. In your website you have to add original reported content for a long time and only after that it gets approved in Google news. The process is very time taking and requires a lot of hard work in getting your website designed to meet news requirements. Then the next step is to write original news in journalistic style. Daily 4-5 news content of at least 600 words must be published in a new website for 2-3 months. After months of hard work you have to submit your site for inclusion in Google news. If Google news reviewer accepts your site then it is very good news for you.

But if your news website is rejected then again you have to work for next 2 months before re-applying for Google news inclusion. So, it's very hard and time taking work to get into Google news. You can avoid such hard work and buy the domains that we have. We have worked hard to get these domains into Google news.

We have many google news approved website with many news articles on it. We have posted highly targeted news content to boost the site quality and most of the posts are focused on domain industry/tech/entertainment news. These domains are potential news domains which you can buy and grow your business. Instead of doing hard work and waiting for a long time you can buy domains approved by us.

I worked on the news websites from various locations in the world including US, UK, CANADA, AUS & INDIA and UAE.  I have domains approved in these countries and you can buy Google News Approved Websites in these countries. I have domains in other countries also you can can buy domains for countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, South Korea, India, Germany, Australia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Canada, France, Italy and more news editions. I am working in a team of software developers, designers, news experts and journalists. With the help of all these guys I am able to get the domains in these countries. 

If you are interested in buying Google News Approved Websites/Domains from our News approved website for sale list then contact us by phone or email. Email address and contact number are given below in this page. Our News approved website with content is available at an starting cost of $900. Very high quality domains might cost between $1,500 to $5,000  or more depending on the authority and other factors.

If you have ever tried for the approval of Google news domain then you are already aware of the difficulties faced while getting a domain name approved. You can save yourself from lot of trouble and get it quickly. You can start your work within a day by buying news approved website from me instead of waiting for months to get started.

Google news approved website will quickly index your news content and give you quick visibility. So, if you are into web publishing or into the media field then you can get started quickly in the news domain from our help. Our news approved website will provide you another platform for quick success and fast visibility. But keep in mind that you have to publish only news content on your news website to get most benefits.

Contact us for buying Google News approved websites at [email protected]. Check Websites Approved in Google News available for Sale  page to view the latest offering from us.

We request you to call us at +91 9313063554 or email us at [email protected]  for you software development needs.

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