Blockchain Consulting Services

We offer Blockchain Consulting Services for helping enterprises to unleash the potential of this technology and strengthen the business operations.

Blockchain Consulting Services - Blockchain application development and support

We are premier organization in Blockchain Consulting services providing our services to many clients in the world. We have dedicated team for the designing and constructing robust Blockchain applications for various industry verticals.

Blockchain technologies are here to help organization to use these technologies to develop and deploy applications to run their business. Companies and govt around the world is unlocking this technology to make various types of applications. We at RoseIndia Technologies helping you to unlock the potential and use this technology for making applications as per your business needs.

We are Blockchain consultancy company in India providing application designing, development, deployment and maintenance services using wide range of blockchain technologies. We work with end-to-end development of applications using Blockchain including smart contracts, token game theory, security audits etc..

Our Blockchain Consulting Services

  • Application development with Ethereum or HyperLedger Fabric
  • We working with the client to design, architect, develop, and test blockchain technologies applications to meet their business requirement
  • Research and develop POC applications to meet client requirement using Blockchain technology stack
  • Research and evaluate applications for client
  • Work with client to enhance and maintain their current applications to integrate it with Blockchain technology
  •  Perform QA audit of their existing projects and propose plan to integrate it with the new Blockchain technology
  • Provide research and feasibility study to client for new solutions using Blockchain technology
  • We work with different types of Blockchain such as public, private/permissioned, public permissioned, etc. to develop innovative solutions for our client
  • We offer Blockchain application development services using various Blockchain framework such as Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Ethereum (Solidity)
  • Our team is well versed in designing and implementing solutions with Blockchain technology stack. We have extensive experience in developing applications using various consensus algorithms used in Bitcoin Blockchain, Ethereum, Byzantine fault-tolerant algorithms including Hyperledger Fabric PBFT etc...
  • We offer Blockchain application architecting and designing services.
  • We offer private and public Blockchain solution designing, designing the storage/computing solution for managing distributed ledger and related data/state in files/database system.
  • We also offer setup and maintenece of Blockchain network for companies in cloud or in-house.
  • We offer designing and implementation of security framework for Blockchain system.
  • Our Blockchain consulting services includes designing and implementation of performance metrics for Blockchain applications.
  • We are using Go, Java, C++, NodeJS and related technologies for development of Blockchain applications.
  • We are also expert in using AI/Machine Learning, BigData and IoT technologies which can be used with Blockchain to further make innovative solutions.

Our Blockchain Solutions

  • Smart Contract Development
  • Token Categorization
  • Security Audit
  • Bug Bounty Program
  • Crowd Sale Management

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