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It is said that a corporation is only as good as the relationship it shares with its clients.

Email & Newsletter writing services

Why do I need newsletter?

It is said that a corporation is only as good as the relationship it shares with its clients. A company newsletter can help your organization to foster relationships with your clients that go beyond the conventional. A regular distribution of company newsletters, on a monthly or weekly basis, will enable you to keep in touch with them and remind them of your existence and why you are the best choice . It is a cost effective way to build brand recognition and reinforce the culture and values that your organization personifies.

Through an informative, stimulating, and entertaining newsletter you can showcase your services, offer special deals and update your clients on new products and keep them abreast of the latest market trends in your industry. Internal newsletters can foster a sense of community among the employees. It can provide the same information, trends, and entertaining bits with a greater sense of intimacy, and perhaps less formality. It can include up-to-date articles, and analytical editorials to sharpen your team's industry knowledge. It's a best medium to acknowledge your staff's birthdays, anniversaries, and achievements.

Why outsource?

Yes, newsletter writing is not rocket science and in-house production is possible. While you are the expert with specialized knowledge about your business, content creation and publication may not be your core competency. It makes sense to leave it to the experts so you save time and outsource it to us so you save money.

Also if you have your own newsletter system , it may become difficult to constantly produce interesting and crisp content in the long run, that can keep the recipients feel good about reading your newsletter. Most of the times, they may move the newsletter to trash, even without opening it, if they are not finding it informative and interesting at the same time.

RoseIndia newsletter writing services

RoseIndia offers a full range of newsletter writing and editing services. Our professional writing services stand to strengthen and sustain relationships via sharp and compelling composition. Through careful planning, creativity, and thoughtfulness we give readers information that they need and value – in an appealing format that projects a professional, authoritative image.

We have a strong reputation when it comes to professionalism, inventiveness, and punctuality; and have an unparalleled track record of penning effective forms of corporate communication .

We have a network of highly skilled professional writers who possess global writing skills, high ethical standards, and diligence in keeping to deadlines. They have been successfully catering to hundreds of clients from countries across the globe. Whether it is a simple articles or well written features which need intimate knowledge of your products, they can handle it all.

Rest assured our experience in writing will make the process seamless as well as enjoyable. All this at a fraction of your marketing budget!

Contact us today and let us know what you envision for your corporate newsletter. We look forward to working with you toward developing an outstanding company newsletter.

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