Tips for Wannabe Freelance Writer

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Tips for Wannabe Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is one of the most exciting, flexible yet challenging career options which can be adopted by people today.

Few pointers which can help wannabe freelance writers in successfully facing the difficulties involved in this field and making a good earning are as follows:

  • You must be prepared to sweat it out yourself in your quest of searching for possible writing opportunities during the initial phases of your career as nobody will come to you just like that. During this phase, you may need to work for something which may not be your preferred choice but this will help you immensely in preparing for the future.

  • Newspapers, magazines and internet can be made use of for the purpose of searching opportunities. Owing to their ubiquitous nature, wide appeal and highest publication frequency amongst all other press forms, newspapers should be primarily targeted for this purpose. Writing letters responding to certain articles in magazines and newspapers about issues concerning you and sending them to the respective editors can help you in getting acquainted with various press forms. Newspapers like 'The Hindu' even invite wannabe writers for posting content or opinion in columns exclusively reserved for them. You must tap these opportunities for gaining initial recognition in the world of writing, even if these opportunities do not provide much monetary gain. Such opportunities also help you in getting familiar with certain facets and limitations of some industry. This also helps your cause of catching the eye of the publication house who may hire you on contractual basis provided your work is appreciated by them. This increases your reputation and adds reliability and credibility to your name which will be beneficial while approaching various other publication houses and forms.

  • After building a sound initial reputation you must continuously write to influential people and editors of writing industry as by doing this you might eventually earn an exclusive column to your name in some leading publication.

  • Continuously explore the internet for searching better opportunities, researching for content and finding resources. Internet is an important area for the writers to function in the form of contributing towards blogs, writing competitions, writing content for websites, etc. All this can be done without moving an inch away from your sitting place. As the internet industry grows, 'freelance marketplaces' have come up which can be joined for accessing freelance writing opportunities. Prominent websites among these are, and Creating individual blogs can also help you in displaying your work and subjecting it to being scrutinized by the public for achieving higher work quality. After having established a strong presence as a freelance writer, you can even consider starting an exclusive website of your own for marketing your work to prospective buyers by displaying few samples of previous works in an attractive and impressive way on this website.

  • Learning to write screenplays and scripts and understanding its writing format and structure widens your scope of opportunities as selling scripts usually attract quite good moolah.

  • You should create a huge network of acquaintances and friends by joining organizations and clubs which are exclusively created so that writers can contact each other. You should maintain contacts with writers as well as media and art people as you can never say which field might provide you with a big break. Hence, networking is extremely important.

You should develop a habit of reading a lot for gathering information about various fields like politics, current affairs, history, etc. This will help you immensely in improving your writing abilities and you would be able to write even on topics which are not of your interest.

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