Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO is a process in which the traffic is directed to sites on internet on basis of their ranking by web search engines. Or we can say that, it is the way of developing websites which are search engine friendly.

Now before discussing about search engine optimization, lets us understand some of the basic concept about search engine, i.e. what search engines are basically looking for? How does search engine work?

Search Engine takes words or queries entered by users in search box of webpage. Then it connects these words/queries with database of web pages. Thereafter, it gives you relevant URL and summaries of the content that matches with user's word or query.

In this technique, the crawler moves from one link to another like spider and picks up the useful link, then these links are sent back to the indexed page. After the data is being indexed, it is tagged and thereafter dumped into user's database. In the mean time, query server software moves user search word from home page of search engines such as yahoo, Google etc to the indexed database and finally results come back and is displayed on user screen.

This shows that search engine optimization is important for increasing traffic to a website. Search engine optimization not only track textual matter but also track image search, industry-specific searches and local search too.

Now-a-days, for any of the website, search engine optimization is considered as most important marketing tool. Search engine optimization acts as parent of website performing some of the important functions like

  • Look after coding and presentation of website.

  • Solving programming problems and removing bugs, so that unauthorized user cant enter site.

  • Search engine optimization also adds useful content like keywords to the site so that it can be indexed easily by crawlers.

Thus, in order to optimize search engine easily, every website should be search engine which is friendly.

Search engine optimization begins in mid 1990's. There were some of disadvantages to this technique, as some of the websites were stuffed with keywords and even make changes in page ranking so that can rank among top ten websites. There after certain relevant changes in algorithm were adopted in order to prevent webmasters from changing page ranking. As per new algorithm, websites with stuffed keyword and manipulated ranking were blocked from search results. Thus, it is good to create user friendly websites. If you want your website to be noticed by any search engine, it is important to have good amount of links in your webpage, related to your topics from quality pages.

The main task is to get listed. The major leading search engines are Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. These search engines use crawlers for searching pages for their algorithmic search results. There are certain paid submissions in market, which guarantee crawling. In addition, there is listing of site name, in which spider is instructed not to crawl on site if relevant content is not available on site. Search engine optimization can broadly be classified into two main categories:

  • White Hat

  • Black Hat

White hat designs include good design techniques. Black hat designs are the designs that are not approved by search engines and treated as span and crashes out within short span of time

This information will help you a lot in implementing search engine optimization techniques. Thus, in this competitive world, with the help of SEO one can direct all traffic towards his website and can earn good profit.

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