Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

Search engine optimization is technique to make websites user friendly. Search engine optimization can be classified into two main categories namely

  1. White Hat
  2. Black Hat

White hat include techniques which are recommended as good design techniques. While black hat techniques are those techniques which are not approved by search engines by considering it as spam and thus crashes out after a span of time.

Google trend, which is used for keyword analysis is neat tool for SEO. As soon as the user enters five keyword phrases, Google will show line chart of comparative volume trend of last two years. Today along with maximization of keywords, linkage between the sites is equally important.

Answers to below mentioned three questions can help you in optimizing a search engine.

  • How do people approach for my products and/or services?
  • Which sites lead for such searches and why?
  • Which searches can lead my site?

Once a site owner efficiently answers these questions, then he/she can create the best search engine optimization plan for the site. Here are some of the recent trends to enhance ranking and optimize website for search engine optimization.

  • Specify name/ phone/ address/ email and other relevant details. Offer free email and/of ezines
  • Submit your articles to free ezine sites.
  • Provide Hyperlink to relevant sites.
  • Submit the details of blog and famous social networking websites.
  • List the most popular keywords for the site and integrate the same into the contents and articles so that maximum links are selected. To get notice easily, place keyword in top half of the article. There should be keyword in title tags, Meta tags and page description.
  • Links must be added to new websites because new users might speculate here.
  • Your site's every page should have distinct and attractive title tag, Meta description tag as well as Meta keywords tag.
  • Every page should have footer, which includes text links.
  • Text navigation should be provided
  • User accessing site should have facility to submit and request links to other websites.
  • Site should have considerable amount of pages on same theme.
  • With blog of content on same theme, your chances of ranking increases as well as search engine would be optimized at best.
  • Update your site regularly and remove dead links.
  • Domain name should contain relevant keywords.
  • Domain should be registered for long period to show that site is long player.
  • For reducing chances of spamming carry short articles without duplication.
  • For getting indexed submit RSS feed to the search engines.
  • Some of the popular tools are Forums, media streaming, polls, lie chats etc.
  • Pay per click ads should be implemented.
  • Get yourself updated about search engines algorithms.
  • Optimize your page after looking requirements of the search engines.

In brief, we can say that search engine optimization is the most versatile internet marketing tool and should be implemented and utilized by its websites. This will lead them towards top ranking position in search engines. As present, Google occupies only 35-40 percent of search engine market share, while yahoo and msn has take over remaining 40-50 percent. After creation of website, if no one visits them, it leads to loss for the owner, because no traffic means nil profit. Thus, websites must be optimized and should satisfy all need of the search engines. We must note that, 80% of the internet traffic is directed by search engines. Thus, in this world of competition, it is very much essential to implement search engines optimization techniques.

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