Plagiarism in Today's World

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Plagiarism in Today's World

The illegal usage of thoughts and language accompanied with the imitation of writing of some other author and presentations of those as one's own real work is popularly known as plagiarism. Let us see the real meaning and understand the plagiarism in detail.

Tips to Avoid Plagiarism

  • Illegal Use:
    There is not only one agency. There are many authorized agencies that perform it ‘commandingly and effectively'. Copying someone's material is offended and is unconstitutional. Imitating someone's write-ups should be avoided as it is illegal and. You can take references but that too should not be fully copied. These can be paraphrased in your own words with correct citations mentioned.

  • Avoid Close Imitation:
    Here is a good suggestion like copying a bit differently to avoid any close imitation. Imitating of others work is objectionable. You can take references to upgrade your knowledge by reading a lot of other articles on the subject and getting clues from them but on the basis of realism. One must not imitate the write-ups of other authors. Close imitation of some other authors work creates a lot of trouble in your writing career. Copying other writers work is against law.

  • Thoughts and language:
    Thoughts and explanation are different from person to person. So when writers write any article, one thing they should keep in mind is that they should not copy the language. Language can exist and be conquered by thoughts. Thoughts are sudden but language needs time. Language has so much power that it can be expressed for and against the motion successfully and convincingly. Since, thoughts and language differ from person to person, so it becomes easy to write an original work easily and peacefully without any imitation.

  • Representing One's Own Work:
    Writers should not stress only on representation of others work as their own. There must be an element of originality though ideas can be used with all sorts of cautions and precautions. All possible efforts should be made on the path of creating the original work. If you are just interested in imitation of the existing work, it is difficult to bring actual originality?

One must write his/her own thoughts on the paper in a language of his own rather than copying it from another author's work. The realism that the work should have disappears, if plagiarism happens. To avoid this, research is the best way out. You should go through several books and read as much as possible on a given subject. It is good to develop the habit of writing in own words after understanding the subject well from other readings.

Writing has something to do with knowledge enhancement. Let us all give it a serious thought. Why people want to update their knowledge? There are two possible reasons -

  • Monetary reasons

  • Personality development

Every writer wants to promote his knowledge and take it further. Writers should utilize the knowledge to write an original write up, novel, book or an article. They should seek help from reading others article or write-ups but they must use their own feelings, thoughts, experiences and knowledge. They should come up with something novel. If you are in real search of knowledge, originality is the best option. Taking clue and not copying from any others work should be the attitude which you should follow. Creating an original material is not very difficult too. Seeking help from internet or any other published medium which provides general knowledge and material related to your topics is good to gain knowledge for a creative and genuine writing.

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