Freelance Writing as a Career Option

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Freelance Writing as a Career Option

W. Somerset Maugham once said that writing is more a necessity than a desire for him. This thought holds true in today's circumstances also for wannabe freelance writers.

Joy and tension are an integral part of the life of a writer. Freelance writing is an extremely flexible yet potentially panicky job.

Different Breed Altogether:

Laying down freelance writing laws is difficult as each writer has his/her individual approach or rhythm towards doing things. Some prefer maintaining a fixed work schedule as is prevalent in offices while others prefer writing in the company of hooting owls, snacks and ice-cream during midnight.

Kick Starting Your Career:

Few things required for kick starting a freelance writing career are:

  1. Establishing A Network:
    After quitting your job and establishing your home office comprising of an internet enabled computer having broadband connection, you primarily need to go hunting for work offers so that you begin with your job. Hence, it becomes extremely important to build a huge network of people so that you can easily acquire your breaks. Networking requires you to be nice with other people irrespective of their current importance or fame in the market as you never know when times of tide may change and even those people whom you considered unimportant might present you with exciting work prospects.

    Whenever possible, keep on telling everyone about your freelancing job and the type of work which you are involved with. Due to this, people will get instantly reminded of you whenever they have an opportunity for your type of work.

  2. Technology Helps:
    The world has become a smaller place due to technology. Always prefer to invest in high speed computer as well as fast connectivity. Through internet you can access numerous freelance directories, writer's forums as well as online networks through which you can market your work, bid for projects and contact people. You just need to sign up in these websites. Providing portfolio samples to these websites is also a good idea.

    By creating weblogs using or, you can display your writing work to the world by posting regularly so that you can catch the eye of potential clients and employers. You can also opt to post in group weblogs. For using these blogs as a marketing tool, you should always provide links in your chat handles, email signatures as well as online networks so that employers can access your blog.

  3. Work Towards Defined Set Of Goals:
    Decide about your goals in the initial stages of your career itself. Few aspirations that are common amongst budding writers are:

    • Writing on issues of human interests as a journalist.

    • Establishing an advertising copy or web content business.

    • Writing novels.

    This requires you to conduct thorough research for acquiring knowledge, insight and information which will be extremely helpful in accomplishing your goals and differentiating you amongst all other writers. Specialization in certain niche area helps in getting specific assignments and jobs. Multi-area specialization requires hard work for attaining proficiency in each area. Wannabe freelance journalists can opt for ‘beats' like culture, arts, business, sports and socio-economic welfare.

  4. Seek Inspiration:
    Reading other's work, listening to them, talking with them, watching movies, plays, performances, attending seminars, conferences, poetry readings and just about everything which involves interacting with people can inspire you for getting story ideas, punch lines, novel characters etc.

  5. Write:
    Continuous writing will help to reduce your grammatical and punctuation errors, develop your vocabulary, learn new writing styles, etc.

    Writing is an extremely satisfying, creative yet grueling job. Motivation, clear-sightedness, logical thinking, discipline and professionalism will help you in successfully facing the difficulties and eventually succeeding.

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