Press Releases writing

One of the most effective marketing methods used by companies to gain publicity has always been the press release.

Press release writing

Why press releases are important?

One of the most effective marketing methods used by companies to gain publicity has always been the press release. It's a useful method of communicating your newsworthy announcement to relevant media, which specifically reaches the target market and which can result in free publicity you could never afford to buy.

Whether you are a company, a professional, a social group or any entity that needs public attention a press release plays a vital role in setting your brand image in the industry. Be it a new product launch or even just a grapevine spreading, a well-written press release can help you gain attention of hundreds of PR agents, press reporters and the masses in general.

Each online press release can generate hundreds of incoming one-way links to your website, considered very vital by leading search engines like Google for the ranking of your site. They also generate a burst of visitors to your site on the day of the release and the next few days. A concise and compelling story written with a proper journalistic tone can gain media attention and lead to getting coverage in some offline magazines. Overall the online press releases provide very high value for money.

RoseIndia press release writing services

If you are unsure of how to properly write press release copy for an audience of journalists, and need help, you're at the right place. RoseIndia offers press release writing services that are affordable and effectively target the message to the media. We bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, and years of experience and expertise in this field.

Our team of seasoned writers provides the assurance by writing hard-hitting press releases that have a powerful impact. They know how to write a press release that attracts media attention for your news, event or announcement.

Send in details on the story you wish to have covered and we will write a concise, satisfactory, well-written press release for it. We will insure that the event or topic covered is written in such a way that it is compelling to readers, editors, and search engines. We will ensure that your press release is effective, interesting and targeted to the desired industry.

We also offer unlimited revisions and our writing service doesn't end until you are completely satisfied with the product.

Why hire RoseIndia services?

  • Years of involvement in this field enable us to highlight the most newsworthy aspects of your business based on current business and news trends.

  • Each writing assignment is handled by a professional who is capable of drafting a news release, business success story or feature story that meets the needs of our clients.

  • Our press release writers are media savvy who use their insights and creativity to put the message across for easy consumption and massive impact.

  • We employ all methods to maximize your chances of getting good Search Engine rankings and capturing media attention.

  • Our effective press releases will stand out from the pile of junk releases the average reporter has to wade through each day.

  • Compared to other online press release writing services, RoseIndia offers the lowest rates and the highest quality of writing.

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