SQL Alias


SQL Alias

sql alias

sql alias

SQL Alias


Alias name is given to table and column. In SQL we can give a table or column another name by using an Alias. The Alias help you to make your complicated table and column name simpler and sorter.

Understand with Example

The Tutorial illustrate an example to understand SQL Alias. In this example, before understanding Alias, we create a tables 'Stu_Table'and 'Lib_Table' using create table statement.

Create Table Stu_Table

create table Stu_Table(Stu_Id integer(2), Stu_Name varchar(15), Stu_Class  varchar(10));

Create Table Lib_Table

create table Lib_Table(Stu_Id integer(2), Lib_no integer(5));

Insert data into Stu_Table

The insert into add the records value into your respective tables

insert into Stu_Table values(1,'Komal',10);
insert into Stu_Table values(2,'Ajay',10);
insert into Stu_Table values(3,'Rakesh',10);
insert into Stu_Table values(4,'Bhanu',10);
insert into Stu_Table values(5,'Santosh',10);

 Insert data into Lib_Table

insert into Lib_Table values(1,101);
insert into Lib_Table values(2,102);
insert into Lib_Table values(3,103);
insert into Lib_Table values(4,104);
insert into Lib_Table values(5,105)


Stu_Id Stu_Name Stu_Class
1 Komal 10
2 Ajay 10
3 Rakesh 10
4 Bhanu 10
5 Santosh 10


Stu_Id Lib_no
1 101
2 102
3 103
4 104
5 105

SQL Alias Query

The given below example show you the SQL Alias Query. In this case, the alias name for Stu_Table is 's' and Lib_Table is 'l'.As you can see the Alias Name Query make the table name simple and easier to write and read.

select s.stu_id, s.stu_name, s.stu_class, l.lib_no 
from Stu_Table as s , Lib_Table as l
where s.stu_id = l.stu_id


Stu_Id Stu_Name Stu_Class Lib_no
1 Komal 10 101
2 Ajay 10 102
3 Rakesh 11 103
4 Bhanu 11 104
5 Santosh 12 105