struts - application missing something?



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Tina McCauley
struts - application missing something?
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I added a parameter for condition to my GetLogoutAction. I've got the action and forward in the struts working and all is great till I close JBoss or the server gets shut down and Strut-config.xml is generated again. My action forwards are no longer there.

I can manually enter them and they work. Action is called correctly and they are taken to correct location.

What am I missing? The JSP, Java Class, struts-config.xml are all updated. I didn't use anything new that hasn't already been defined in web.xml????

Any thoughts? Do I need to do anything with the servlet? I have the servlet action and mapping already created....?

I'm only used to working in the presentation layer no deeper than struts-config. I know Java but I'm way out of practice. I'd appreciate any direction. Tina

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July 13, 2012 at 3:23 AM

I found out that I didn't have... annotations in my Java class.

I guess the format for these are set sometime prior to the main framework and because there doesn't seem to be any documentation on annotations they can appear very arbitrary to the class - like a comment.

I hope this helps others. I saw some one line called annotations that were like

@Override and ours is /** * @struts.action....


July 13, 2012 at 10:34 PM

Ohh, You have answer yourself, anyways here is a deeper thought about struts 2.0 which talk about the flow and troubleshooting these scenario.

Bhanu Pratap

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