what is xfire?



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what is xfire?
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What is XFire?

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February 19, 2008 at 1:02 PM

I found it?s a free gaming tool that automatically keeps track of when and where gamers are playing. It?ll allow your friend to join too. Search Internet if you want to learn it.

February 23, 2008 at 1:07 AM


XFire is now CXF

User's looking to use XFire on a new project, should use CXF instead. CXF is a continuation of the XFire project and is considered XFire 2.0. It has many new features, a ton of bug fixes, and is now JAX-WS compliant! XFire will continue to be maintained through bug fix releases, but most development will occur on CXF now. For more information see the XFire/Celtix merge FAQ and the CXF website.

Codehaus XFire is a next-generation java SOAP framework. Codehaus XFire makes service oriented development approachable through its easy to use API and support for standards. It is also highly performant since it is built on a low memory StAX based model.

XFire 1.2.6 is released!

The Codehaus XFire team is proud to announce XFire 1.2.6! XFire is an open source Java SOAP framework built on a high performance, streaming XML model. XFire includes support for web service standards, an easy to use API, Spring integration, JBI support, and plugable bindings for POJOs, JAXB, and XMLBeans.

Please see the release notes for download information and upgrade instructions.

XFire 1.2.6 many fixes since 1.2.5:

* Fixes a regression whereby WSDLs which had operations that returned unbounded elements generated incorrect java files.
* Fixed a bug with XFire not supporting parameter types of DataHandler in WSDL2Java
* Supports getting the MessageContext via AbstractInvoker.getContext();
* Fixed bug where unnecessary namespace declarations were being written.
* Update to Jetty 6 for the XFireHttpServer
* Many other bug fixes!

Many thanks to those who helped build and test this release!

XFire Home: http://xfire.codehaus.org/




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