Regular Expression Help Help HELP!!!!

Regular Expression Help Help HELP!!!!

HI all

I am very new to java, but i have this problem i got a string e.g

Courses['07001'].Title = "International Students 1";

So i need to extract only the "international Students", i did that by using this expression String regex = "Courses\[\'[^\']+\'\]\.Title *= *\"([^\"]+)\";";

But the problem now is, say i got string like

Courses['07001'].CO = new Array("MR","","Harish Ram","Not Available","M.R Harish","");

so i need to extract"07001", "MR Harish Ram " and extract "M.RHarish @" note that i need to add the @ when compiling. got any ideas if you could help me to give a solution of how to retrieve the name and email add seperately...

So my final output should look in the form given below and including the quotes

""07001", "MR Harish Ram","M.RHarish @""

Help is greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance!!!!!

Please Help!!


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