How to Run First Java Bean Program ?

How to Run First Java Bean Program ?

Hi My Dear Friend

I can run many Java Programs Like, Applet,Swing,RMI ,Socket Programming and Java Servlet too But Now I need that How to run Java Bean Now I have BDK1.1 But still don't know that how run this...

I have this bdk dir... \bdk1_1\beans\beanbox in this dir. just a run.bat file which execute Java Bean with GUI mode but I wants how to run Command base ........

Plz Help Me....

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September 23, 2012 at 8:01 PM

step 1:create a directory with the name u mentioned in program in c:\bdk\demo\sunw\demo step 2:write source file and save with .java extension in ur created directory .let the name of directory be "Simple" step 3:compile file as u compile java file step 4:create manifest file open a notepad and type as follows: Name: sunw/demo/Colors/Colors.class Java-Bean: True save this with .mft entension in c:\bdk\demo path step 5:create a jar file c:\bdk\demo>jar cfm ..\jars\Colors.jar Colors.mft sunw\demo\Colos*.class step 6: c:\bdk\demo>cd.. c:bdk>cd beanbox c:\bdk\beanbox>run then the output appears. three windows get opened 1.beanbox 2.toolbox 3.propeties :)

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