Ajax Extensible Page

Ajax Extensible Page

Ajax Extensible Page (AEP)

The Ajax Extensible Page is the feature of Web 2.0, which transforms the Website building practices The Ajax Extensible Page, is a Java Script Library, which is used to develop dynamic web pages in which you can hide and show content on the click event. This click can be on the text, button, image etc. This library is tested with Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2 and Opera 9


Some of the advantages of AEP are given below:

  • Hide lengthy details or content by managing the content in a hierarchical way.

  • Avoid the need of Back and Forward of the web browser.

  • Data can be reutilizing by using inserted text into other pages.

  • The dynamic content, which modify with the time can be edited alone and then can be loaded dynamically.

  • Remove data redundancy as you can use same content under different categories.

  • Can store the hide content into a text file.

How to Use

Step1: Include extensible.js file in your web page.

Step2: Place the replacing text into a text file or place it under <div> tag and give it an id.

Step3: Place the content, which is going to replace under the <span> and give it the same name as the id of the div of replacing text or the ?src? of the text file, which have content. And also give it an id.

Step4: Use onclick to call JavaScript method.

Download Link for AEP Library



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Ajax Extensible Page

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