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Open Source Jobs

This page discusses - Open Source Jobs

Open Source Jobs

  1. Open Source Professionals
    Search firm specializing in the placement of Linux / Open Source professionals, providing both contract and direct hire services to our clients. Our knowledge of the Linux / Open Source landscape and employment marketplace make us your most efficient recruiting resource. If you are looking for exciting opportunities and want to work for leading companies adopting Open Source technologies.
  2. Open Source Jobs
    Select this account if you want to register but never plan to offer consulting or support for Open Source software. This allows you to for example fill out a profile, announce a Open Source related Job, Bounty, or publish a Press Release but ensures that you will never show up in any of our Solution Provider Indices. This Page shows you all Job Announcements listed on You can list your Open Source related Jobs (for free) here. Click here to register. When you are logged in you can create a Job Announcement.
  3. Open Source Initiative OSI - Jobs
    In the last section of "The Cathedral and the Bazaar", Eric S. Raymond argued that the bazaar development mode may be so much more effective than the cathedral mode that open-source software may eventually drive closed, proprietary software almost completely out of the market. The OSI doesn't have a position either for or against intellectual property rights in software. ESR, one of our co-founders, supports them; others have different positions. We believe that the contention over this issue that has polarized the open-source community in the past is largely pointless, because the best arguments for open-source are grounded in economics and engineering.
  4. Open source creates U.S. manufacturing jobs
    CEO Eren Niazi said the fully-automated facility can turn out 1,000 systems a day. They can do reference designs, and turn around a customer in days instead of weeks. Open source software is used for the systems' internals, and most wind up being loaded with LAMP stacks, used as enterprise Web servers. The speedy delivery, which enterprise customers need, is why this plant is in Sunnyvale. "We?re doing rapid deployment," he said. "Our customers can?t wait for this stuff to come from overseas." While former VA Linux head Larry Augustin blamed the dot-bomb for VA Linux' failed move to open source hardware Niazi, who has hired some of Augustin's old team, said outsourcing may have also had a role to play. "They lost some control when they outsourced. We don?t outsource our service. 
  5. Job Satisfaction and Open Source
    This seems to be a basic human thing: watch babies for a while and you'll notice that they smile when solving what must be, for them, very difficult problems - like how to roll over or get mommy's attention. On the hardware side of computing the biggest technical challenges facing current designers come down to balancing processing power against input power and heat generation. Thus both of the solutions we're now seeing enter the market, Sun's CMT/SPARC and IBM's cell, represent attempts to address these issues in more or less elegant ways. Both solutions ultimately rely on a simple proposition: to reduce input power while maintaining processing power, "just" reduce the total distance you need to push data internally. Thus IBM's cell hardware combines a grid on a chip, reducing the distance between machines in a traditional grid to the distances between components in a microprocessor -i.e. from feet to nanometers, with a control protocol intended, like Sun's similar openGRID framework, to reduce internal data transfers. 
  6. Open Source Job Schedulers in Java
    On some projects, you find you need to execute certain jobs and tasks at an exactly specified time or at regular time intervals. In this article we will see how Java developers can implement such a requirement using the standard Java Timer API, and then we will focus on Quartz, an open source library for those who need some extra features in their scheduling system. Let's, for a start, go through few common use cases that will help you recognize situations when you could need this kind of behavior. Then we will see how to find the best solution according to your functional request. Almost every business application has some reports and statistics that are needed by its users. You can hardly imagine such a system without these reports, because the common purpose for someone to invest in such a system is the ability to collect a large amount of data and see it in a manner that can help with further business planning. A problem that can exist in creating these reports is the large amount of data that needs to be processed, which would generally put a heavy load on the database system.

  7. What Business Can Learn from Open Source
    Lately companies have been paying more attention to open source. Ten years ago there seemed a real danger Microsoft would extend its monopoly to servers. It seems safe to say now that open source has prevented that. A recent survey found 52% of companies are replacing Windows servers with Linux servers. But the biggest thing business has to learn from open source is not about Linux or Firefox, but about the forces that produced them. Ultimately these will affect a lot more than what software you use.
  8. Open Source Job Seekers
    You don't have to live on the West coast to get a great job and still give back to the open source community. Unlearn the conventional wisdom that cripples most job hunters. Forget what you think you know about getting a great job. The right job for you is out there. You just have to find it, or have it find you. Learn the right search techniques: Only 1% of jobs are filled through job boards. Learn to grow and use your circle of contacts, including in the OS world, to help in your search. Take home techniques to find out about the company you're interested in: Google is only the start.
  9. Welcome to the OpenCms Project
    OpenCms is a professional level Open Source Website Content Management System. OpenCms helps to create and manage complex websites easily without knowledge of html. An integrated WYSIWYG editor with a user interface similar to well known office applications helps the user creating the contents, while a sophisticated template engine enforces a site-wide corporate layout. As true Open Source software, OpenCms is completely free of licensing costs. OpenCms is based on Java and XML technology. Therefore it fits perfectly into almost any existing modern IT infrastructure. OpenCms runs in a "full open source" environment (e.g. Linux, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL) as well as on commercial components (e.g. Windows NT, IIS, BEA Weblogic, Oracle DB).
  10. Quartz Job Scheduling Framework
    If your Java applications depend on tasks that must be performed at specific times or if your systems have recurring maintenance jobs that could be automated, then you need Quartz: the first full-featured, open source job scheduling framework. Quartz Job Scheduling Framework reveals how to make the most of Quartz with virtually any Java EE or Java SE application, from the smallest standalone program to the largest e-commerce application. Best-selling author Chuck Cavaness shows developers and architects how to integrate Quartz with leading open source Java frameworks, including Hibernate and Struts. Using practical examples, Cavaness illuminates everything from basic job scheduling to the use of Quartz in clustered environments and enterprise workflow applications. To jumpstart your own Quartz projects, he also presents a full chapter of ?cookbook? sample code.
  11. Open Source Opens Doors
    You want to demonstrate your drive? Your dedication? Then think about contributing to an open source software project as a way to stand out from the pack of run-of-the-mill techies. Open source projects ranging from the Apache Web server to the Mozilla browser depend on techies to contribute code, write documentation and perform other tasks. With more companies choosing to use open source products, participation in an open source project is likely to garner attention from hiring managers savvy about the open source movement. You don't contribute to an open source project if you're a casual user," says JT Smith, director of technology at WDI, the development division of Brunswick New Technologies. "It shows that you have dedication and experience. It means you're pretty hardcore." Which could translate into the sort of attention from an employer a technical job seeker craves.
  12. Open Source Applications Foundation
    OSAF is looking for an experienced Senior Software Engineer to build the backend server components for our sharing server. If you have a passion for internet technology and experience building large, scalable systems, we'd like to talk with you. OSAF is also seeking a Web UI Developer to join our team building a world class Web Application for calendar access and sharing. An ideal candidate would have deep skills in JavaScript development skills with a background in Software Engineering. We're looking for someone with a passion for building great web applications.
  13. Open Source job posting and project
    Open Source Talent is the #1 job posting and project outsourcing site for Open Source talented professionals worldwide. We link Open Source specialists and programmers with businesses and recruiters looking to fill jobs and outsource projects. 
    # Post your project for free and receive bids
    # View profiles of specialized providers
    # Post your job openings
    # Easily add exposure to your business
    # It's free to Sign up  
  14. Open source promises more business functions
    A new generation of high-value open-source business applications is coming, according to a leading analyst. Speaking ahead of next week?s Gartner Open Source Summit in Barcelona, the research firm?s Nikos Drakos predicted a new wave of programs beyond the relatively mature open-source operating system, development tool and database sectors. These will include collaboration, portal, content management and business intelligence tools, said Drakos. ?Open source is moving beyond infrastructure,? he added. ?There?s already a lot of fairly mature and popular products in middleware, operating system and programming tools and on top of that there?s various bits and pieces in process repositories, search engines, database drivers and templating tools. It takes a lot less effort to think about portals and content management systems and there is now a basis on which high-value tools can be developed.
  15. All About Open Source
    Open source usually refers to a program in which the source code is available to the general public for use and/or modification from its original design free of charge. Open source code is typically created as a collaborative effort in which programmers improve upon the code and share the changes within the community. The rationale for this movement is that a larger group of programmers not concerned with proprietary ownership or financial gain will produce a more useful and bug-free product for everyone to use. The concept relies on peer review to find and eliminate bugs in the program code, a process that commercially developed and packaged programs do not employ. 
  16. Free and Non-Free Software
    Free software is software that comes with permission for anyone to use, copy, and distribute, either verbatim or with modifications, either gratis or for a fee. In particular, this means that source code must be available. ``If it's not source, it's not software.'' This is a simplified definition; see also the full definition. If a program is free, then it can potentially be included in a free operating system such as GNU, or free versions of the GNU/Linux system. There are many different ways to make a program free-many questions of detail, which could be decided in more than one way and still make the program free. Some of the possible variations are described below. For information on specific free software licenses.
  17. Open Source Team Leader/Project Manager
    Market Leading Web Solutions & Telco Provider / Web / Internet Hosting Co has the URGENT vacancy for an experienced Development & Project Manager! - You will have at your disposal a highly skilled team of Open Source Developers (predominantly Perl / Linux on MySQL - around 8 presently) & around 6 ASP. net (in C#) Windows on SQL Server Developers tasked with numerous highly mission critical cutting edge (including the latest AJAX) Development Projects to Manage and Deliver on Time within budget! Excellent opportunity within a truly World Class organisation.
  18. Open source geeks
    Apple pushed back, saying that as eclectic as my readership is, the subset I described is only a ?fraction of a fraction? of the geeks (Apple?s word) who are my regular readers. Issues that matter to so few, and to me, shouldn?t be projected to a larger audience in 48-point type. I go on the defensive whenever a vendor suggests that any portion of my readership is an underclass because of its numbers. Before consummate wealth and success, Steve Jobs was the poster boy for that misunderstood fraction-of-a-fraction to which my erstwhile handlers referred. Jobs was odd man out for being inventive, curious, tenacious, fearless, opinionated, and insatiable. These ingredients make an innovator. Jobs built a company, then a culture, and then a product line that reflected the future he was certain would unfold, and he was determined to get there first. 
  19. Open Source Career Opportunities
    It means working in a truly meritocratic organization where you can be recognized for the quality of your work. It means having more freedom to pursue your own goals and interests. It means being able to interact with and learn from a global community of users and developers. It means being able to build a successful career while making a difference in the world. If this sounds interesting, then please contact us and find out if you can make a living--and much more--with free software. Experienced professional services consultant who can interact with clients and oversee entire implementation and services projects, from requirements gathering to implementation to documentation.
  20. Application Server Using a DataSource
    In the J2EE realm, data sources are Java objects that represent physical data storage systems such as relational databases. It is via javax.sql.DataSource objects that a J2EE application can retrieve underlying connections to the databases being represented by the DataSource object. The layer of abstraction represented by a DataSource object allows for a J2EE container to pool connections to the database on behalf of J2EE applications running in the J2EE container. Furthermore, DataSource objects allow a J2EE application to abstract itself from the database it is interacting with. Accordingly, one can more easily migrate from one database flavor to another.



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