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Open Source Document Management

Operating systems are very complex these days, composed of many parts and pieces.

Open Source Document Management

  1. Open Source Document Management
    Operating systems are very complex these days, composed of many parts and pieces. Linux, like other Unix-like, free software operating systems, is really just a collection of autonomous and dependent software packages. On my workstation there are about 850 packages at last count. A moderately busy, production Internet server might have as many as 650 packages. And a development server, supporting diverse activities of a complex development team, might have as many as 1,000 packages.
  2. Open Source Document Management Solutions Written in Java
    Content Management Systems (CMS) have always been a nebulous term. That's one reason that I've never included this category in my reviews of Java open source projects. One of the primary features of a CMS is its support for Repository services. In recent months, there have been a couple of CMS implementations that supported JSR-170 (i.e a standard content repository specification). In general these capabilities are orthogonal to the presentation features available in many CMS. The primary intent of document repostiories is to support scalable management of large documents. This review contains CMS implementations that place more emphasis on this rather than the presentation layer. 
  3. Plone: A user-friendly and powerful open source Content Management System
    Plone is powerful and flexible. It is ideal as an intranet and extranet server, as a document publishing system, a portal server and as a groupware tool for collaboration between separately located entities. Plone is easy to use. The Plone Team includes usability experts who have made Plone easy and attractive for content managers to add, update, and maintain content.
  4. Open Source Document Management System developed for the Medical Research Council
    The Open Source movement is gathering momentum internationally as increasing numbers of people recognize that it is a reliable, adaptable and cost effective method of providing software solutions. 
    The basic idea behind open source is very simple ? when programmers can read, modify and redistribute source code, the software evolves and improves. Industry leaders including IBM, Oracle, Computer Associates, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard and Intel have put their weight behind projects and are now advising customers to investigate and implement solutions using this technology. 

  5. Open Source
    The purpose of the OpenDM project is to provide a robust, flexible, and scalable document management solution developed through Open Source collaboration. Integral Business Solutions initiated this project in response to customer demand for a web-based scanning and digital file management solution that was affordable, extensible, and feature-rich. Our experience delivering web-based content and asset management solutions combined with our document management experience provided the necessary background to pursue this solution. 
  6. Unleashing the Power of Open Source in Document Management
    The open source community has produced a number of useful, high quality content management systems which presents an opportunity to deliver tailored content management solutions without the high licensing or management fees associated with commercially-licensed or hosted software. However, the sheer number of open source CMS projects and the ineffectualness of traditional commercial software selection techniques can make the task of finding the right open source software an intimidating challenge. The strategy of using feature matrices is particularly ill-suited to open source software selection.
  7. KnowledgeTree Document Management Software
    KnowledgeTree, the world's leading commercial open source document management system, today announced the release of its Professional Edition, a certified, easy to install version that extends the KnowledgeTree Open Source feature set and is shipped with commercial support.Features include powerful document metadata management and versioning, sophisticated authoring management and workflow, full-text indexing and search and extended reporting functionality.
  8. KnowledgeTree Open Source
    KnowledgeTree? Open Source is a free, open source edition of the KnowledgeTree Document Management System. KnowledgeTree Open Source is suitable for many document and records management scenarios. Organizations who are interested in evaluating document management solutions or customizing core features to their own liking are free to download this edition, subject to the license KnowledgeTree Open Source is distributed under.
  9. Open Source document management missing
    OpenOffice has been gaining momentum in the wider world, but document management is an important piece of the jigsaw that's missing. Every office produces a mountain of documents that need to be managed, and commercial systems are often far too expensive. A Free Software alternative would be a great opportunity to make headway amongst small businesses.
  10. Open Source Document Scanning Interface
    The scanning interface module is an open source software that can easily be modified or extended based on specific customer requirements. Using this software, you can automatically import scanned documents from any scanner. You can also use it to import scanned documents which have been pre-processed by Scanning and OCR applications such as KOFAX. Future versions of this software will support KOFAX Ascent Capture release scripts and automatic conversion of TIFF images to PDF. 

  11. Content management system
    A content management system (CMS) is a computer software system for organizing and facilitating collaborative creation of documents and other content. A content management system is sometimes a web application used for managing websites and web content, though in many cases, content management systems require special client software for editing and constructing articles. They can also be used for storage and single sourcing of documentation for a firm including but not limited to operators manuals, technical manuals, sales guides, etc. The market for content management systems remains fragmented, with many open-source and proprietary solutions available.
  12. Funds flow for open-source document company
    Alfresco, a start-up whose open-source software is used to manage documents in corporate environments, announced Wednesday that it received $8 million in a second round of venture funding. The Mayfield Fund led the Series B investment round, while Series A investor Accel Partners also contributed again. Mayfield's Robin Vasan will join the Alfresco board as part of the deal.

  13. Open-source document standard submitted to standards body
    The Organisation for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (Oasis), which is behind OpenDocument, said it has submitted the standard to the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). OpenDocument is a document format for storing data from desktop applications such as word processors, spreadsheets and presentation software. The standard is used by the open-source desktop collaboration suite, and supported by the recently launched Star Office 8 desktop application family recently launched by Sun Microsystems.
  14. ODMA
    The Open Document Management API (ODMA) simplifies integration and interoperability of standard desktop applications with document management systems. Using ODMA, desktop applications access and manipulate documents carried in document management systems as easily as if they are residing in the locally-accessible file system.
  15. Open Source Intros New Servers
    Open Source Storage, a provider of enterprise server and storage solutions for mission critical business data centers, today introduced its new open series servers based on the new Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processor 5000. The Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor 5000 (code named "Dempsey") provides faster, energy-efficient processing capabilities for increased system performance and responsiveness, while lowering power consumption with a 95 watt per processor rating. With up to twice the performance of single-core servers, Intel's new 64-bit processors provide best-in-class performance for enterprise, web and compute intensive application servers. 
  16. Cost-effective Enterprise Content Management using Alfresco and MySQL
    A new model is required to manage content across the enterprise to address the scalability challenges of: Users, Activity, Information and Geography. Scaling up hardware, apart from being a very expensive solution does not necessarily solve the problems of scale. New content architectures are required to provide the means to scale-out the content capacity of the organization utilizing clustering, replication, federated indexing, decentralized authority, modularity, distributed caching and locking. This needs to be built using the latest state-of-the-art open source components to provide the most scalable architecture and speed the development of new capabilities.
  17. Web based document management
    WebAsyst Document Depot is an online document management tool to store and share all kinds of files on the Internet. Practical applications of this software are almost infinite, ranging from regular corporate document storage to real estate listings to online education to real time news announcements - limited only by your needs and imagination. Easy set-up and user friendly, this online document storage tool is a:
    1. Secure place online to store files of any kind 2. With virtually unlimited storage and user access 3. Yet still giving you complete control over data and accessibility
  18. Open Source Software(OSS)
    Open Source Systems are software created and maintained by software developers and made available for free to institutions and organisations.This section intends to provide resources, material and useful links aimed to support eIFL library consortia and any other library or institution interested in OSS, to get familiar with the main aspects of Open Source Software's usage and implementation.
  19. Curing document management complexity
    Xerox DocuShare 4.0.1 and Xythos Enterprise Document Management Suite 5.0 embrace simplicity and still deliver solid document and file management. DocuShare is among the more cost-effective enterprise content managers. Its easily implemented document management, collaboration tools, and electronic distribution are a fine fit for document-intensive businesses. Xythos Enterprise Document Management Suite 5.0 forgoes DocuShare?s more formal team tools, such as threaded discussions, but covers all the document management essentials with little compromise. With either product, enterprises should see quick startup, little need for IT support, lower costs, and more efficient business processes. 
  20. skyBuilders Document Management
    Document Management over the web requires a File Manager that can handle arbitrary file types, not only common web files like html and media files like gif and jpg. skyBuilders tools let you upload and download documents of any type to one or more shared workspaces in "the sky" where documents can be stored and retrieved as necessary. Beyond simple file sharing, our server in the sky can control access permissions so only those files available for a particular user are visible in the File Manager.



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