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Open Source Excel

In addition to giving you access to all Excel and Word features, SoftArtisans Office Writer gives you the same output with 1/4 of the lines of code that it takes to make the same output with POI. Office Writer is the only reporting solution that delivers

Open Source Excel

  1. Excel Open Source Comparison
    In addition to giving you access to all Excel and Word features, SoftArtisans Office Writer gives you the same output with 1/4 of the lines of code that it takes to make the same output with POI. Office Writer is the only reporting solution that delivers real Excel and Word output, with all of the features and functions, so your users won't have to sacrifice their macros, pivot tables and dynamic charts every time they request new data. All Excel and Word Features - Pivots, images, VBA, macros, charts, etc.
    Safe for Servers - Microsoft Office not required, designed for high performance
    Multiple Frameworks - ASP, ASP.NET and SQL Server Reporting Services 2000 and 2005
    Cost Savings - Easy integration, a short development cycle and server-side licensing lower your costs
    Two-Way Data Update - Exclusive HotCell Technology allows end-users to update the data sourc
  2. Open-source C++ wrapper of the Excel
    The excel32 C++ wrapper package (a.k.a. XLW) is a free/open source C++ wrapper of the Excel C API described in Microsoft Excel 97 Developer's Kit. It makes Excel API programming simpler, speeding up the development of Excel add-ins. Its powerfull interface will empower your C or C++ numerics by embeding them in Excel just like the built-in functions. XLW has been developed by Jérôme Lecomte. Early versions of this package have been used for years and tested under Windows 9X/NT with Visual C++ 6.0 and Excel 97 SR-1 & SR-2 with minor problems (see Known bugs and limitations in the documentation). The package is not perfect but certainly has reached a stage where it can be usefull. 

  3. Excel lerating DB2 Universal Database
    Let's face it. Not everyone in the world is SQL-savvy. As a consultant, I tend to deal with the full spectrum of job titles at my client organizations. On one end of the spectrum we have tech-head software engineers that can probably take a look at binary code and troubleshoot a software bug; on the other end, we might have business experts who know the ins and outs of the business, but don't know anything about programming. In this article, we'll address the needs of the latter. The Apache Software Foundation has taken on a project known as POI, which stands for Poor Obfuscation Implementation. This project provides JavaTM APIs for manipulating file formats that are based on Microsoft's OLE 2 Compound Document format.
  4. Excel Users to Open Source BI
    Pentaho today rolled out a feature that sweetens its already-popular (more than 55,000 downloads to date) open source Pentaho BI Suite: Pentaho Spreadsheet Services, which lets business users access OLAP data using Microsoft Excel PivotTables. "There are plenty of people out there who still aren't familiar with BI, it's an ethereal term to them," notes Lance Walter, Pentaho's vice president of marketing. "But tons of people use Excel for data analysis and some level of reporting. Instead of asking them to learn to use a different tool or Java interface, we're letting them keep the tool they love." The new feature costs $90 per named user. So who's using Pentaho BI (which is based on the Mondrian open source OLAP project and provides reporting .
  5. Excel VBA Macros Open source
    One of Michael?s latest areas of endeavor is getting Microsoft Excel VBA macros to execute in Open Office Calc. This screenshot shows a fairly geeky example of a hypocycloid generator. The generator uses a VBA macro, shown lower left, to generate source values from the positions of three interactive sliders on the left near where it says ?Parameters.? The data is dumped into the table at the far right. Another macro chews up the data and spits out the hypocycloid graphic. Still more macros allow you to click through some pre-set values, generate random values, and so on. The point, however, is not what the example macros shown here do. The point is that they are Excel macros correctly doing work in Calc.
  6. Open source networked students excel
    The Professional Writing Program at Purdue University has implemented an evolution in service learning called the Open Source Development and Documentation Project (OSDDP). As members of a community formed to integrate learning with the open source development model, students, teachers, and clients are working together to develop documentation of and related to open source. Through their involvement in the project, students are gaining valuable experience in collaboration much needed for professional development while building business and technical communication skills OSDDP is currently designated as a pilot program and is being used in almost a dozen business and technical writing courses offered through the English Department at the university. ?[OSDDP] is initiating a new major course project involving service learning and community engagement, which Purdue is very interested in and that we see as critical to learning to write in the 21st century workplace .
  7. Excel VBA Models Combo Set XL-VBA4 1
    The Excel VBA Models Open Source Code Combo Set contains 37 programs in finance, statistics, option pricing models, and numerical methods in open source code. Programs include Distribution 12 Random Number Generator, 6 Option Pricing Models, 3 Numerical Searching Methods, Implied Standard Deviation, Portfolio Optimization, Multiple Regression, Bootstrap, Monte Carlo Simulation, option greeks. Excel VBA, Open Source Code, Finance, Numerical Searching, Option Pricing, Portfolio Optimization, Regression, Multivariate Dist.
  8. Open source Microsoft Excel 2007
    Microsoft announced the creation of an ?Open XML Translator project? that will help translate between the Office Open XML formats (the new file formats in Office 2007) and the Open Document format (which is a specification developed by the open source community). Specifically, the project will create tools to make it possible for Microsoft Office to save and work with files using the Open Document format. The basic idea is that after downloading these tools, users will have the ability to save to and open ODF files directly within Office (just like any other format). One goal of this effort is that these tools will also work in current versions of Office (this is possible because the tools the project is building take advantage of our Open XML file format, and we're providing updates to current versions of Office that allow them to read and write Open XML).


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