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Open Source Chat

FriendlyTalk is a simple chat program offering the standard features of a chat client. FriendlyTalk allows its users to send instant invitations to chat; chat with any number of people, in real-time; set away messages; and more.

Open Source Chat

  1. Open Source Chat Program
    FriendlyTalk is a simple chat program offering the standard features of a chat client. FriendlyTalk allows its users to send instant invitations to chat; chat with any number of people, in real-time; set away messages; and more. FriendlyTalk also boasts an unique combination of mIRC- and ICQ-style chats; not only can you see your friends type, but you have a history of the chat for easy reference. If you're interested in building your own chat program, or simply learning how its done, FriendlyTalk can save you a lot of time. Often its instructive to see all the components working together; you can also easily separate the various parts for use alone in your applications.
  2. A Chat with PostgreSQL
    When most people think of open source database products what comes to mind more often than not is MySQL. But that is changing in the enterprise market, and among demanding developers. The PostgreSQL project has been steadily clawing its way up the ladder in mindwidth since its inception almost ten years ago. Many say they've changed from MySQL to PostgreSQL and never looked back. I recently had a chance to chat with a few of the project's dedicated developers. PostgreSQL is also technologically mature and stable while its ideas and implementation remain leading edge. Its competitors are commercial vendors with many resources. However PostgreSQL achieves this with excellent core team coordination of the product, particularly Tom Lane. PostgreSQL is on an upswing and has a great deal of good will and enthusiasm along with fast paced development.
  3. Open Source APIs for Java Technology Games
    Welcome to today's Java Live chat on open source APIs for Java Technology Games. These APIs include Java Binding for OpenGL (JOGL), Java Bindings for OpenAL (JOAL), and JInput. Our guests today are three key members of Sun's Game Technologies group (the group responsible for these APIs): Athomas Goldberg, Jeff Kesselman (Jeff is not here yet), and Daniel Petersen. Also joining us is Ken Russell, who is a coauthor of the JOGL API. Our guests are ready to answer your questions about the APIs, and about Sun's support for Java technology games in general. So let's first level set. Athomas, Jeff, Daniel, and Ken, can you give us a brief overview of these APIs?
  4. Open Source Instant Messaging & Chat written in Java
    Active Data Online WebChat is a HTML, text-based chat software. WebChat provides a means to discuss and share ideas online in real time. WebChat is powered by Microsoft .NET (v 1.1.4322). Unlike traditional chat systems, which use UDP or TCP and comprise a proprietary broadcast server and a proprietary client (typically an ActiveX or a Java applet embedded in a web browser), WebChat uses HTTP, an ASP.NET web server, a relational database, and a standard web browser. In essence, with WebChat the client pulls information from the server (here, IIS and a database); with most other systems, the server pushes information to the client. Naturally, there are pro and con is for both kinds of text-based chat systems, but one of the primary benefits of adopting the client-pull approach is that users would not have to download and install ActiveX, .NET Windows Forms, or Java applets. In this way, WebChat is a true Web chat system. 

  5. The Bribble
    BRIBBLE is a Flash based chatbox and can be used on every website. The source code is available to install on your own server and supports up to 1000 users. BRIBBLE is easy to use and contains a php based management system allowing you to view stats/log files and add/edit operators and chatboxes. All chatboxes can have there own themes and font-sies. Features: Realtime message delivery (no html-refresh); Flash-based & animated chatbox; Sound effects; Send private messages; Avatars (male, female, operator, url, picture); Custom themes.
  6. Mazen's PHP Chat
    This is an Open Source chat program completely written in PHP4 and JavaScript. Features include: Perpetual data stream - no browser flickering, Easy to extend command api, Fast integration into existing Websites due to template usage.
  7. A Bit More Chat with Bitlbee
    Bitlbee is a chat system gateway that allows you to connect to several other instant messaging services via a regular IRC client. This offers the advantage that you can manage accounts on chat networks like Jabber, MSN, Yahoo, and AIM/ICQ, all in your favourite IRC client to leverage its own features. In this article we will see how Bitlbee works, and get started with setting up an account on a public server.
  8. Talk radio starts chat by tapping into blogs
    With its long reliance on talk formats and call-in programs, radio was arguably the first open-source media form. Now a new Public Radio International program, "Open Source from PRI," will test whether the collective intelligence permeating the Web can make not just loud radio, but smart radio. Not only does the program pull from unfiltered voices and opinions found on blogs, Open Source uses its own blog, at, for ideas and sources from its listeners. Listeners are invited to make suggestions on Open Source's blog, where they are openly posted along with ideas from the program's five producers. When the comment flow starts and suggestions are made - including recommendations for guests - the audience can watch the program come together, sometimes over the course of a week, other times in an afternoon.


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