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Open Source CD

TheOpenCD is a collection of high quality Free and Open Source Software.

Open Source CD

  1. TheOpenCD
    TheOpenCD is a collection of high quality Free and Open Source Software. The programs run in Windows and cover the most common tasks such as word processing, presentations, e-mail, web browsing, web design, and image manipulation. We include only the highest quality programs, which have been carefully tested for stability and which we consider appropriate for a wide audience.
    The TTCS OSSWIN CD is a collection of over 100 Free/Open Source software for home and business users using the Microsoft Windows 98SE/Me/2000 and XP operating systems. You can use your web browser to read detailed information about each program on the CD: what the program does, its key features, useful related websites, view a screenshot, find links to the program's website and to download/install the program from the TTCS OSSWIN CD.
  3. RaptorHead open source CD for Windows
    I tested the RaptorHead CD on a creaky old Pentium II desktop machine with a staggering 128MB of RAM, a 2GB disk, and Windows 98. I also gave it a spin on my late model hot-rod Hewlett-Packard Athlon 64 laptop, with 1GB of memory and a 15GB Windows XP partition. I spent most of the installation time working through the individual license screens. On the HP laptop, the whole installation took about 10 minutes. On the old Pentium desktop, it took a few minutes longer. RaptorHead follows a new trend in marketing to the Windows crowd: the custom packaging of open source programs on CD. 
  4. HP OpenVMS Systems
    GNV (GNU's Not VMS) is an open source, GNU-based UNIX environment for OpenVMS that provides UNIX application developers, system managers, and users a UNIX-style environment on OpenVMS. This facilitates development and porting of UNIX software to OpenVMS. (GNU is a UNIX-like operating system that is free software.) GNV provides a UNIX-like shell (command-line interpreter) environment. The shell used by GNV is Bash (Bourne-Again SHell), from GNU, using the POSIX.2 specification. 

  5. Open Source CD to mp3
    AltoMP3 CD Ripper (Formerly AltoMP3 Maker)is an excellent CD ripper software for Windows. If you want to make your own MP3 from audio CD , this is exactly what you are looking for. Only with a few mouse clicks, AltoMP3 CD Ripper can convert your audio CD collections to smaller size MP3 files. So you can share with your friends, download to your MP3 player, etc.With full CD audio playback control function, AltoMP3 Maker can work as a freedb-aware CD player. AltoMP3 CD Ripper is an easy to use CD Ripper software that grabs digital audio from cd's and encode into MP3 format. 
  6. CD Motor Open Source Project
    The motor instructions posted herein are compiled by Tim Harwood from that project. He says that when followed they will result in a motor that has been demonstrated to manifest unexplained thermal properties (i.e. drops in temperature below ambient) and back-emf surges in excess of 80% of input. However, none have yet been able to advance to the point of having a self-running system with power left over to use. It it hoped with improved circuitry, core materials, and a 240v apparatus input, the 100%-plus level can be achieved. 
  7. Free Download of Open Source Software CD-ROM for Windows
    Tired of the strangle-hold Microsoft has on the software world? There is a viable alternative that people are turning to: open source software. What do open source applications look like? Download this CD-ROM and install some of the applications on your Windows computer to see. The idea behind the CD-ROM is that all the applications are open source, and they also exist to run on Linux computers. Linux is a ubiquitous operating system that can be found in everything from home electronics to personal computers to some of the world's largest and most powerful computers. Much of the Internet runs on Linux servers.
  8. Open Source CD for Windows Users
    There is a possibility that the Mepis team may be putting together a CD of open source applications for use on Windows systems. This CD would be put together for Windows users in an effort to show Windows users these great free applications that come with Mepis. The purpose of this campaign is to help people transition to MEPIS by allowing them to try out some of the most frequently used programs that come preinstalled with Mepis without actually switching to Mepis until they are ready. This will allow users to get familiar with, test, and evaluate these applications without having to leave the Windows enviroment. This will also help by allowing us who use and support Mepis to advocate Mepis by spreading the word using this as a tool to show Windows users what Mepis and Linux has to offer.
  9. Open Source Software CD
    The Open Source Software CD is a large collection of high-quality open-source software for Microsoft Windows. It contains numerous programs in categories including software development, fun and games, Internet, multimedia, productivity, security, text editing, and utilities. Similar projects are TheOpenCD, WinLibre and GNUWin II. Compared to these competitors, the Open Source Software CD contains the largest number of software packages.
  10. Open source code found in Sony's CD rootkit
    The copy protection program XCP, which shipped on 49 music CD titles from Sony BMG, and which was found to install a rootkit that opened user's computers to viruses and game hacking tools, has now been found to contain open-source software that was apparently used without permission. The software, developed by British software firm First4Internet, was found to contain source code from the open-source project LAME, an MP3 encoder and player. "Multiple software components on the CD have references to the LAME open source MP3 code," wrote Finnish software developer Matti Nikki. Others, such as the security software firm Saber Security in Bochum, Germany, have confirmed that the program contains LAME code. 
  11. The Ultimate OS X Open Source CD-ROM?
    The latest issue of MacAddict has a small section on OSS, but it occurred to me that I?ve not seen anything like TheOpenCD but for Mac OS X. It really is a shame, seeing there?s so much quality software out there that runs perfectly well on the platform (owing much, no doubt, to the Unix roots of most OSS allowing easy porting to OS X). So I started wondering, if I were compiling the Ultimate OS X Open Source CD, what would I put on it? Because of the availability of so many applications, it?s hard to make a ?one size fits all? CD-ROM, so like TheOpenCD, it must be a sampler, the best or most popular of certain common categories. Since most people wouldn?t have the need or expertise to use server-side applications, I?d concentrate only on client-side programs.


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