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EclipseShell allows you to use


EclipseShell allows you to use

  1. JRuby
  2. Beanshell
  3. JavaScript (Rhino) to script your Java classes.

Eclipse shell allows you to do this by

  1. providing an interactive Editor with AutoComplete and other amenities, so you don?t have to mess with ugly readline interpreters.
  2. automatically setting up the CLASSPATH to your classes and the libs, taken from your Workspace Project settings.
  3. making it easy to store and reuse the history of your interactive sessions

... script Eclipse from inside your Workbench?

Open an EclipseShell editor, and explore the power of Eclipse from the inside. Use the power of the plugins and automate otherwise tedious tasks in Eclipse.

... prototype Eclipse plugins?

Nothing easier than that: whether it?s just handling of some core plugins, or SWT/JFace GUI building or just exploratory development, EclipseShell allows you to do it.

... easily share lightweight tools for Eclipse?

Plugin development in Eclipse is easy and well supported by great tools (PDE), but if you just quickly want to share some little tool, you can use EclipseShell. Write up the functionality you want, store it in a history file, and share that with your colleagues.

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