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jQueryWTP is a tool make Eclipse WTP support jQuery code content assistance.


step1:download jqueryWTP_version.jar
step2:find you Eclipse Plugin org.eclipse.wst.javascript.ui_xxxxxxx.jar,backup the plugin.
step3:double click the jar file or run with command java -jar jqueryWTP.version.jar
step4:on the opened swing UI,choose org.eclipse.wst.javascript.ui_xxxxxxx.jar,and output dir.
step5:click generate button.
step6:replace old org.eclipse.wst.javascript.ui_xxxxxxx.jar file with the generated file.
step7:restart eclipse.
step8:open a html file,edit js content.

Click on this link to get more detail: http://www.langtags.com/jquerywtp/


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