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Voxa's TotalAccess is full-featured, fully supported, and, unlike other similar products on the market, Voxa's TotalAccess is totally free.

Voxa's TotalAccess suite of products provides a complete environment in which to design and deploy business process automation as well as web application testing solutions. If you are looking to:

  1. add customized workflow to your business portal
  2. integrate multiple applications within the firewall
  3. integrate external web or legacy applications into your workflow
  4. build a solution to synchronize your disparate databases
  5. aggregate web data from internal or external sources
  6. extend your legacy applications to the web
  7. etc.
then TotalAccess is for you.

TotalAccess includes:

  1. TotalAccess Pro
  2. TotalAccess Server
  3. TotalAccess HA Server
You build your solutions with the easy-to-use TotalAccess Pro, and deploy the automatically generated application to the Server (or the HA Server). Once deployed, the application is accessible via a standard browser.

With Voxa's TotalAccess suite of products, you have unprecedented ease of building solutions to turn highly manual processes into automated ones, dramatically saving personnel costs, shortening response/turn-around time, improving data accuracy and overall quality, and reducing costly human data-entry errors.

The TotalAccess Suite is so efficient that it becomes cost-effective to implement automation solutions that affect even just a few people's activities.

Click on this link to get more detail: http://www.voxa.com/TA_Suite.htm


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