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CS API Plugin


The csapi project features three subprojects about Telelogic Synergy/Change 4.3/4.4, a professional change management system:

  1. csapi core is a Java API for Synergy/Change. It is composed of a set of core classes which allow basic operations on the server by requesting the server side of the Perl API furnished by Telelogic.
  2. These classes come bundled in an Eclipse plugin for convenient use. Features of the csplugin currently only include login and reports.
  3. This site is also the home of the Short Introduction to Synergy/Change Administration document.

For more information you can browse the project summary on the berlios developer side.

Core CSAPI and CS Plugin projects are free software, under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Check what it means on the Free Software Foundation site. The CS Admin guide is published under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

Important note: the csapi project is NOT affiliated to Telelogic. Developement has been fully made on personal free time of developers, and any enquiry about the csapi project must be sent to csapiproject _at_ chrysalice.org.

Click on this link to get more detail: http://csapi.berlios.de/


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