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Eclipse Plunging/Testing

# EclipsePro Test EclipsePro Test integrates seamlessly into your Eclipse environment. It extends and enhances the base functionality of Eclipse, resulting in greater capability. EclipsePro Test provides powerful JUnit test case generation and code cover

Eclipse Plunging/Testing


  1. EclipsePro Test
    EclipsePro Test integrates seamlessly into your Eclipse environment. It extends and enhances the base functionality of Eclipse, resulting in greater capability. EclipsePro Test provides powerful JUnit test case generation and code coverage analysys features. These unique tools automate manual tasks, offer immediate feedback and streamline development activities. What had been time-consuming tasks are, with EclipsePro Test, carried out with a few keystrokes, freeing you to spend time on the more creative aspects of software development.
  2. GUIdancer
    GUIdancer is a powerful Eclipse-based tool for the automated testing of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI's), with a focus on programs written with Java and Swing. To use GUIdancer, no programming knowledge is needed; tests are interactively specified using an innovative method which allows test specification to begin even before the application under test is implemented. Specification can continue alongside testing once the software is ready and can even withstand changes to the software as it develops. GUIdancer makes testing efficient and uncomplicated.
  3. WindowTester Pro
    WindowTester Pro is an Eclipse-based software development product that automates testing of Java graphical user interfaces (GUI) by providing tools that automate recording, test generation, code coverage, and playback of GUI interactions that can occur within an application. WindowTester seamlessly integrates with the native Eclipse testing framework and generates code that is 100% JUnit compatible to deliver a high quality and consistent user experience.
  4. JUnit Factory
    JUnit Factory is an experimental test generation service from Agitar. Send us Java code, and JUnit Factory sends back JUnit code that characterizes your code as behavior. Free. The JUnit Factory plug-in includes an enhanced JUnit Runner that provides code coverage information.
  5. Cute C++ Unit Testing Easier
    Automated unit testing supports high quality of program code, even under inevitable change and refactoring. As a side effect, unit tested code often has a better structure. Java developers are used to unit testing because of JUnit and its tight integration into IDEs like Eclipse.
  6. Solex
    Solex is a Web application testing tool, based on a built-in Web proxy and a concept of extraction/replacement rules. It provides functions to record a client session, adjust it according to various parameters and replay it later typically for functional testing in order to ensure non regression of a Web application's behaviour.
  7. GJTester - Java Unit Testing Tool
    With GJTester Eclipse plug-in you immediately can test your just implemented classes, without programming. GJTester is an implementation of the Computer-Aided Software Testing (CAST) paradigm. It allows the testers and developers to accomplish Java unit and regression test without programming effort. GJTester provides a powerful GUI with the aim of building test cases and test scripts for both type of tests. GJTester also comprises a Coverage Analyser and Function Invocation Capturer tool.
  8. Continuous Testing Plug-in
    The Continuous Testing Plug-in for Eclipse is a tool to help developers test their codebase more efficiently. After specifying the tests that will run, the plug-in executes those tests every time code is changed that will affect the outcome. This way, developers catch errors more quickly. The plug-in also adds functionality to the Eclipse JUnit Plug-in. Support for test filtering and test prioritization are now present. Also, the results of past tests can be viewed in the JUnit viewpart.
  9. Alvicom LoadManager
    The LoadManager testing tool focuses on Load, Stress, Stability and Performance criteria and has been used successfully by banks, telecom giants and industrialists. LoadManager was developed to offer the features missing or unreliably set-up in other commercial or free Load/Performance tools. The outcome is a reliable test tool which offers the most efficient testing process available thereby significantly saving clients time and money.
  10. TTworkbench
    TTworkbench is the graphical test development and execution environment based on TTCN-3, the international standardised testing language, which includes the full range of features needed for test specification, execution and analysis. Apart from text-based TTCN-3 test specification, TTworkbench also offers the option of graphic definition for test cases.

  11. Hitchhiker
    Trace, profile or find memory leaks in any C/C++ application. Hitchhiker is a free Eclipse plug-in that lets you instrument any C/C++ application on the fly, trace and profile the application at near full execution speed, and visualize application internals using the Eclipse Workbench. Hitchhiker can be used throughout the application development lifecycle, beyond development into alpha, beta, production test, and production.
  12. Web Performance Analzyer
    WPA-- the performance tool for web developers & designers Web Performance Analyzer(tm) takes the guesswork out of web performance analysis. This new low cost web performance tool allows web page designers to measure, analyze, estimate and track web page performance throughout the design and development process.
  13. Web-CAT CxxTest Plug-in
    The CxxTest plug-in for Eclipse provides Eclipse users who are developing C++ code with a graphical user interface for CxxTest. CxxTest  is a unit-testing framework for C++ development that behaves similarly to Eclipse's native support for JUnit.
  14. AppPerfect Unit Tester
    AppPerfect DevTest4J is a comprehensive suite of products consisting of java code analyzer, unit tester and profiler. Unit Tester is a unit test management system, it automatically generates high quality junit test cases to test maximum code possible. AppPerfect Unit Tester uses the JUnit testing framework for generation and execution of Java source files. It uses the HttpUnit framework for generation and execution of JSP files.
  15. Alvicom JavaCov
    The JavaCov coverage-testing tool developed by Alvicom Testcenter has proved that it can be efficiently used in various J2SE and J2EE projects. JavaCov is the only Java testing tool capable of verifying the MC/DC (Modified Condition/Decision Coverage) testing criterion.
  16. CubicTest  
    CubicTest is an open source Eclipse plugin that tries to make testing web applications easier to design, understand and run for nontechnical as well as technical users. CubicTest uses a graphical user interface to let users model tests instead of writing test scripts. The tool focuses on enabling test driven development of web applications, but also supports testing of existing web applications.
  17. MockCentral
    MockCentral is an easy-to-use, fully-featured set of tools that provides a new approach to java software testing using mock objects. It enables the developer to create and access libraries of mock objects defined in xml files external to the testing code, allowing for cleaner test cases and easy mock object organization and reuse. The MockCentral Eclipse Plug-in provides a robust form-based editor for MockCentral configuration files.
  18. EclEmma Java Code Coverage
    EclEmma is a free Java code coverage tool for Eclipse, available under the Eclipse Public License. Internally it is based on the great EMMA Java code coverage tool, trying to adopt EMMA's philosophy for the Eclipse workbench.
  19. PETA Designer
    PETA is a platform for automated testing of distributed software systems. These include service oriented architectures (SOA), n-tier/multi-tier architectures (J2EE, .NET), webservices, client/server applications and browser based web applications (AJAX).
  20. Parasoft Jtest
    Parasoft Jtest is a comprehensive Java code analysis and unit testing product. It reduces the time and resources required to assess and improve software reliability, security, and performance from the earliest phases of development. Jtest instantly verifies whether code complies with over 500 Java coding best practices and any number of custom coding rules, then automatically corrects many reported violations.
  21. DDchange: Failure-Inducing Changes
    DDchange is an Debugging Framework that automatically determines why your program fails. Find out which change causes your program to fail: The change in Line 45 makes the program fail. DDchange applies Delta Debugging to program changes, as described in "Yesterday, my program worked. Today, it does not. Why?" by Prof. Andreas Zeller. This framework is intended to increase the efficiency by quickening the process of finding failure-inducing code changes. Consequently, this framework will improve the productivity of your development process.

  22. Eclipse XPS
    The Eclipse XPS plug-in shows the results of JUnit test runs using the Dell XPS' built-in LEDs. The LED colors change when the JUnit test run starts, when a test fails and when the test run completes successfully. In the plug-in's preferences you can configure colors, brightness, which LEDs should be used and whether the LEDs should pulsate (glow) during the test run.

  23. Cantata++ - for testing C and C++ software
    Cantata++ allows C/C++ and Java developers to efficiently perform unit and integration testing. An Eclipse 3.2 plug-in, Cantata++ offers a unique set of testing, coverage analysis and static analysis features.
  24. FITpro for Eclipse
    FITpro for Eclipse and .Net will allow easier creation of FIT tests and fixtures, more flexible test execution, and refactoring of tests and fixtures. This will result in improved productivity, reduced rework, and improved usability of Fit.
  25. CoViewDeveloper
    CoViewDeveloper is an Eclipse plug-in that promotes testable code by designing and creating JUnit tests and measuring path coverage. With the focus on how data flows through a method, CoViewDeveloper walks you through every step of the way. CoViewDeveloper is ideal for organizations, consultants, developers and students who are interested in an affordable solution that provides a lot of value.
  26. DevCKreek
    DevCreek provides an open, free service that helps software development teams monitor, analyze and learn from metrics collected by their ongoing project activities. By providing real-time feedback and aggregating historical project data, DevCreek aims to establish project and community-based metrics that encourage good software development practices.



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