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AppPerfect Unit Tester

Unit testing is an indispensable means of ensuring high quality software. Unit testing generally refers to concentrated and focused testing of each smallest logical unit of your software.

AppPerfect Unit Tester


Unit testing is an indispensable means of ensuring high quality software. Unit testing generally refers to concentrated and focused testing of each smallest logical unit of your software. This unit may be a module, a package, a file, or a class. It is highly recommended that unit tests be conducted at the smallest unit of your software. For most Java developers, a class represents a typical unit to be tested.

Unit tests are the building blocks of your testing infrastructure. As you develop new "units" of your software, you should also simultaneously develop units tests for them. Once the new units are integrated into your software, the unit tests should also be integrated into the suite of unit tests that already may exist.

While most developers recognize the importance of unit testing, often due to lack of time, unit tests are not designed and run in a comprehensive and consistent manner. To save time, many developers tend to run unit tests in some form of automated manner. In fact, many users use advanced tools to help with generation and execution of unit tests. This is where AppPerfect Unit Tester comes into the picture.

AppPerfect Unit Tester is a unit test management system. It automates the generation and execution of unit tests. Unit testing forms the basis of software testing at the developer level. It is sometimes referred to as "developer testing".

AppPerfect Unit Tester uses the JUnit testing framework for generation and execution of Java source files. It uses the HttpUnit framework for generation and execution of JSP files. AppPerfect Unit Tester builds on concepts of mock objects and provides a complete framework to define and manage reusable simulated objects defined in your applications.

AppPerfect Unit Tester goes beyond generating simple stub classes for JUnit testing. It generates fully functional, highly intelligent test classes that understand your application and test your source files thoroughly.

It eases HttpUnit implementation by providing browser-based test recording for JSP applications which provides in-container testing without the complexity involved with setting with an in-container environment. It also provides support for templates based frameworks such as Apache Struts. For sophisticated enterprise applications using EJBs, AppPerfect Unit Tester provides support for in-container testing.

AppPerfect Unit Tester also provides complete code coverage data after test execution. This enables you to view the code path taken by the test case and adjust the test case as needed. The true measure of an automated unit tester's usefulness is the level of code coverage the product provides out-of-the-box. AppPerfect Unit Tester, on average provides the highest level of code coverage compared to similar products in the market.

AppPerfect Unit Tester Key Features

With AppPerfect Unit Tester the efforts you, as a programmer, have to put into unit testing is greatly reduced. It automates Test Case generation and execution with extensive reporting for reference and analysis purpose. In addition it also provides comprehensive test-case management tools. AppPerfect Unit Tester offers you a variety of features to ease and streamline your process of Unit Testing:

  1. Uses JUnit and HttpUnit framework: AppPerfect Unit Tester uses JUnit framework, the most commonly used framework, to generate and test Java source. To unit test server-side Java source (JSP/Servlets/EJB) it uses HttpUnit framework.
  2. Automatic Generation of test cases: AppPerfect Unit Tester automatically generates full test cases, by going through code and understanding it. AppPerfect Unit Tester goes beyond generating simple stub classes for JUnit testing. It generates fully functional, highly intelligent test classes that understand your application and test your source files thoroughly. It also provides easy to use UI to edit your test cases. It automatically maintains these test cases as your code changes, so if you delete any method in your source, AppPerfect Unit Tester will take care of deleting the corresponding test cases from test class files and so on.
  3. Functional Test cases: AppPerfect Unit Tester provides an uitlity called Object Tracer which allows users to run their application normally and monitors the object creation during the normal working of application. It records this information and later creates test cases by creating exactly same objects, this way user can generate functional test cases for their applications and can use these test cases for regression testing.
  4. Object Repository: AppPerfect unit tester uses concept of mock objects to unit test your source code. It generates mock objects and stores them in a repository called Object Repository. You can manage these objects using Object Repository Manager.
  5. Supports Stubbing: AppPerfect unit tester supports stub code generation, this is useful when some part of application is not available or is not developed yet. For example your application requires a database connection but same is not available then you can stub getConnection call and return some dummy connection object in place, unit tester will take care to execute your stubbed code in place of actual getConnection call while unit testing the code.
  6. Supports Mock Database: AppPerfect unit tester supports mock database functionality. This functionality is provided: a) to allow users to test their code during development phase without actually going to original database, b)During development some times users enter junk data hence to prevent original database from getting corrupt. c) To save developers time as during development if users enter junk data and it goes to original database then users are required to spend some time cleaning database, d) At lot of time database must be in some state for testing certain piece of code hence to maintain that state of database for users.
  7. Importing of existing JUnit tests: AppPerfect Unit Tester can import a existing JUnit test cases and and execute them along with Unit Tester generated test cases and can report the results.
  8. Browser recording: You can use the browser recording facility to create the tests as you would normally work with your application. There is no need to learn any proprietary scripting language. You can then edit and run the test fast and easily. All web browsers are supported for recording, including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, and Firefox.
  9. Support for basic authentication, cookies, SSL: With the AppPerfect Unit Tester, you can unit test JSP applications that require basic authentication as well as those using HTTPS by allowing the configuration of the SSL Provider. It also handles the sending of cookies with the appropriate requests and supports URL rewriting if your application uses it. Two way SSL authentication is also supported.
  10. Informative reports: The application provides reports to show successful and failed test cases with reason why test case failed. These Reports are available through the UI and can be exported into various formats like HTML, PDF, CSV, XLS, XML etc.
  11. Notification of results: You can configure AppPerfect Unit Tester to notify results using Email or custom notification mechanism. In case of Email notification you can specify whether you want results as attachment and AppPerfect will export the results as HTML file and send the same as attachment with the mail.
  12. IDE Integration: AppPerfect Unit Tester supports IDE integration with most commonly used IDEs. This enhances ease-of-use and productivity. Currently supported IDEs are Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ, JBuilder, JDeveloper and Workshop.
  13. ANT Integration and Command line execution: AppPerfect Unit Tester supports ANT integration so it can be easily integrated into most development/build environments. Unit Tester also supports command line execution so you can unit test your source code by invoking product from a bat or sh file.

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