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Web-CAT CxxTest Plug-in


The CxxTest plug-in for Eclipse provides Eclipse users who are developing C++ code with a graphical user interface for CxxTest.

CxxTest is a unit-testing framework for C++ development that behaves similarly to Eclipse's native support for JUnit. This plug-in provides better integration with Eclipse and the CDT. Some key features are:

  1. Automatically detects test suites in a project by navigating the CDT DOM

  2. Generates a source file to run all test suites that will be compiled with the containing project

  3. Enable/disable CxxTest features on a per-project basis through the project properties dialog

  4. Automatically execute all tests after each successful build

  5. Test failures are annotated with markers in source files

  6. Test results appear in a CxxTest view modeled after the JUnit view in Eclipse

Click on the link to go to detail page: http://web-cat.cs.vt.edu/WCWiki/EclipsePlugins/CxxTestPlugin


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