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CoViewDeveloper is an Eclipse plug-in that promotes testable code by designing and creating JUnit tests and measuring path coverage. With the focus on how data flows through a method, CoViewDeveloper walks you through every step of the way. CoViewDeveloper is ideal for organizations, consultants, developers and students who are interested in an affordable solution that provides a lot of value.

Using CoViewDeveloper is easy. To help develop testable code, simply pick your metrics from the list we provide, select your threshold and severity level. We let you decide because some metrics may be more important to you than other metrics. As you start to code, decorators will immediately appear every time you exceed your metric thresholds.

CoViewDeveloper also helps create JUnit tests. Simply select your method and start the CoView JUnit Wizard. Answer some questions and some advanced JUnit stubs (often times complete JUnit tests) are created. Through the JUnit Developer view, you can then go through your method, path by path, and figure out which ones you want to test. Run the tests through the CoView JUnit Runner, and you can easily see which paths in a method were tested and which ones weren't. If you want to do more unit testing, pick a path and CoViewDeveloper has a series of wizards that will create unit test templates for you. You have to fill in some blanks (like parameters and assertions), but most of the unit test is created automatically.

In addition to JUnit support, CoViewDeveloper also has wizards for HTTPUnit and DbUnit, as well as support for abstract classes and private methods.

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