How to install Hibernate-3 and jars required for eclipse environment. And is jboss jars are necessary..?
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Dear Friends, I have a lot of doubts in Hibernate. Please guide me.

I have Eclipse Platform Version:, Apache tomcate-6.0 and jdk7 environment. and woking with web applications. Now I need to add the HiberNate-3 to this above Environment. so my doubt is 1) What are the jars required? I am searching in Google so may jars there some are related jboss, some are related to annotations and hibernate so on.. I am very confusing for this. And i follow the Hibernate installation procedures. Some errors are coming.. So i am confusing...? I need how many jars and what it might be..? 2) How to install hibernate-3 in eclipse environment without jboss.?

Please help me. I would like to work the hibernate in eclipse.


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September 14, 2012 at 3:35 AM

PLease see the folder structure and jars required mentioned