How does Roseindia's GPS Solution improve fleet management?


RoseIndia, a Delhi based software development company offers a comprehensive and advanced GPS based fleet management solution at most competitive prices. Roseindia's GPS fleet management solution covers a wide range of GPS based management including GPS vehicle tracking management, speed control management, fuel cost management and safety and security of drivers' life and assets of clients.

The customer relies on their reputed transporters to carry their assets with security and to deliver it to the destination point within time limit. Every reputed transporters want to provide best service to their clients to retain their position always high in the market. But sometimes they fail to deliver the goods in time due to some unwanted mishappenings.

These incidents can happen to everyone and it cannot be prevented but can be reduce if take some extra precautions. The transporters owner analyses the situation why it became late and they could not served their clients as they used to say even when there were no accidents held with their fleet.

After deep analysing, they can found some crucial points that became the cause of delay. These are:

  1. The drivers were unaware about the complete route. They went mislead in the way.
  2. The fleet adopted longer route while an alternate shorter routes were present.
  3. The fleet took too much time in looking for right direction or the path.
  4. The drivers took longer time in rest. They stopped more than the directed schedule.
  5. The speed of the fleet was not at an appropriate level, they run a little bit slower.
  6. The fleet met with accidents that caused the delay.
  7. The vehicle from the fleet was missing and later it was found that the driver of that fleet was on his way of personal visit.

There can be several more reasons that can cause delay in the delivery. After analysing these points you can come to this inference that there was inefficiency of fleet management and it can be avoided if the company had applied the GPS tracking System.

How can we help you in Fleeting Management?

RoseIndia's is a Delhi based leading GPS tracking service providing company that offers a wide range of GPS solutions to the corporate companies, to the schools vehicles, individual vehicles, patients tracking, child tracking, wife tracking and individual persons tracking etc.

For the giant transport companies that operates a large number of logistics carriers that daily carries assets worth of millions of the their clients from one place to another, need higher security and continuous updation of the fleet. Here RIGPS can help you up to a great extent.

We have a wide range of GPS tracking solution for better and efficient fleet management that meet the requirements to our clients. We have extremely fast and accurate GPS tracking solution that provide data of every 10 seconds.

The faster and accurate result, the better and efficient fleet control would be.

Our GPS tracking device keeps all the records of covered route, the entire route map, the exact location of the vehicles, time spent at each stop and the speed the vehicles. It also keeps the history as long as you set in its setting option.

Our GPS Tracking Devices also help you and your drivers in making better communication in order to enhancing efficiency of fleet management. The collected information can be sorted, automatically downloaded on the PC and mobile and analyze to review the present condition.

Our GPS Fleet Management solution helps your drivers to make a safe, secure and smooth journey. Moreover, it also reduces the cost of your expenses and saves lots of money that can be invested other places.


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