Fleet Management System


If you are the owner of a single truck or own a large number of vehicles that travel day and night and makes you worried about happening something unusual then RIGPS's GPS tracking system is the solution of your fear.

Now, you might have thinking about how RIGPS's tracking can solve your problem and make your life more comfortable and easy? Your thinking is right. Let me explain, how can our GPS Tracking system makes your life easy and fearless. For it, you will have to assess everything about the GPS and GPS tracking System to satisfy your query.

Actually, when a large number of vehicles travel from one place to other, it is called fleet. If vehicles in the fleet are not managed properly, there are possible causes of any sort of accident in the route. Travelling without acquiring proper knowledge of route, the destination and about the difficulties that may come in the way is always dangerous.

To reduce that risk and to improve the performance of your fleet, you can hire the service of RIGPS's fleet management solution.

How does it help you?

RIGPS Fleet Management solution enables you and your drivers a hassle free travelling from one place to another by providing all the necessary information like route map, possible hurdles, distance between the two junctions, and medical and other assistance available in the ways.

Moreover, the control room operator can get the comprehensive report about the speed, the number of stoppage where a vehicle was stopped, current status of every vehicle, the covered distance, and the remaining distance of each and every vehicles. The control room can order the drivers of the vehicles to change the route, to reduce the number of stoppage, to enhance or reduce the speed and many other things that improve the efficiency of the travelling and cut the cost of fleeting.

The biggest thing about RIGPS's fleet management tool is that it can help the control room to assist in saving the life of your drivers whose life value are immeasurable. The companies' images shine in the markets that take care of their employees.

From economical point of view, fleet management through GPS tracking system may prove highly profitable for the owning companies as it cut the fuels, distance route and the timing and also prevents you for paying extra vages to your drivers.

RIGPS's fleet management system also prevents from the most possible accidents and also pinpoints the position of your vehicles that keep your vigilance close on your vehicles and your client's assets.

The delivery of the assets within time limit without any loss of the goods shines your company's name in the market and also boosts the business.

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