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Roseindia Technologies Pvt. Ltd has recently launched some upgraded versions of Fleet Tracking Management System by adding some new features in order to produce better results. With this upgraded versions you can get better and accurate results, make two-way communication, access and download data with greater speed and can view and analyze multiple vehicle data.

Our Fleet Tracking Management system can capable to handle from single vehicle to giant fleet. Its user friendly and customisable screen display can easily be handled by the operators, or its multiview tiled mapping display shows multiple vehicle simultaneously at a time to the operators.

Roseindia's Fleet tracking system gives user-friendly technology that is easy to use and easy to understand. Its customizable screen display easily recognisable icons that eases handling the commands and release order accordingly.

Our GPS fleet tracking system is capable to handle multiple vehicle action in its MultiView tiled mapping and Multiple Vehicle Playback device. Each map displays its own independently controlled window.

Our fleet tracking system is equipped with a dashboard type display that can be used to quick review the situation and improve the decision making power. Users can view this data round the clock through any Web browser while fleet managers can view per-vehicle averages data.

Our system is equipped with smart navigation system that helps our drivers in quick and hassle free journey and prevent them from hectic traffic jam and unnecessary vehicle wear and tear. The drivers and the fleet operators can view the route in 3D navigation map and can be zoomed for detail viewing. Moreover, using this equipment, the fleet manager can directly send the straight route to any vehicle of the moving fleet.

The two-way communication equipment allows the drivers and the control room operators to make real time communication, which is the most important tool of GPS fleet tracking system, as it enables both to take quick and correct decision in most critical moments. Each massage contains time and location, giving the details to use later on.

Our strong customer care team works round the clock and round the calendar to root out any problems of our users including any technical problem or in medical emergency, riots, natural disasters, and crime situation etc.. The driver only needs to contact us two-way communication touch screen tool and call for personal assistant.

Our fleet management solution is equipped with automatic updated database bank from where the manager/fleet operator can access the history of the fleet from its beginning point. The history contains the route map, the covered path, the remaining path, the time of fleeting, the speed of the fleet, the stoppage of the vehicles, the hurdles came in the way etc..

This history can be used to study and analyzed during the fleet movement or later to improve the efficiency.


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