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Paint Shop Pro Tutorials


  1. PSP Tutorial Links
    Foreign Language groups are available on Corel's new server. Visit Corel's Knowledge Base for a list of languages available. New NNTP forums for Paint Shop Pro, Photo Album and Studio are now available on Corel's news server. Add the server to subscribe to the groups or visit Corel's FAQ for clickable links to subscribe. Update patches are available for PSP9. In PSP click Help-> Check for updates to make sure you have the most current version available.
  2. Paint Shop Pro Tutorial
    The only thing better than getting new software, is learning how to use it with fun, educational tutorials. Whether you?re interested in editing photos or just want a quick way to put up a Web site, we can show you how. With these tutorials from Corel you?re sure to learn something new.Whether you're just getting to know Paint Shop Photo Album or you?re already a pro, we?re here to guide you. You?ll find tutorials that cover everything from cropping your photos to creating your own keyword organization system here.  
  3. Paint Shop Pro Getting Started
    This series of Paint Shop Pro tutorials is based on the concept that most people learn by doing. If you have never used a graphics package before, you?ll find that there are many new terms to learn, so we provide an introduction to several Paint Shop Pro topics. You can read the text of these topics or you can listen to the lecture, using RealPlayer. The meat of these tutorials is, however, the exercises and the sections on how to produce specific effects. To aid you, we provide images for you to download and use as you perform the exercises.
  4. Download Paint Shop Pro
    Click here to download Paint Shop Pro by Jasc software; then take our free online Paint Shop Pro tutorial. It starts at the beginning and takes you step-by-step through each Paint Shop Pro topic. It covers creating an image, using color, using the Tool palette, text, layers, masks, and much more.When you open Paint Shop Pro for the first time, you will be presented with a screen similar to the one shown here. To display the toolbars, choosee View > Toolbars from the menu. In the Toolbars dialog box, select Color Palette, Status Bar, Tool Bar, and Tool Palette. Your screen should now look similar to the one shown here. 
  5. Paint Shop Pro Installation
    Installing Paint shop Pro is pretty much a "no brainer". You put the CD in and choose "install". The only recommendation I have regarding installation is that you might want to change the folder where it installs. If you let it auto install, the program will install in C:/Program Files/JASC/Paint Shop Pro 7. That's buried pretty deep and can be a real pain if you need to visit the folder where the program in installed. I have mine installed in C:/Paint Shop Pro 7. When you are done installing the program, take a look at all the added files on the CD. There are lots of additional graphics and this is where you will find the tutorials for the Web Sets provided on the CD.
  6. Paint Shop Pro Customizing
    The way you work with Paint Shop Pro 7 can be customized extensively by setting the preferences available via File>Preferences. In addition, the Toolbar can be customized by adding or removing buttons (explained in detail in Workspace tutorial) for one-click access to all menu functions. How preferences are set will be determined by:
    personal taste and the way you work 
    the image you are working on at the time 
    the processing power of your system 
    the size, resolution and color depth of your monitor
  7. Paint Shop Pro Workspace
    The workspace for Paint Shop Pro is the area of the window where you create and edit your graphics. When you open Paint Shop Pro, the workspace will be arranged according to how it was arranged when you last closed it. How you arrange your workspace will depend on the size of your monitor and how you like to work. The following graphic illustrates a typical workspace setup.Paint Shop Pro 7 has a new feature wherein you can save a workspace configuration and the load that configuration. If you have a graphic open when you save the workspace, the program will attempt to open the graphic when it opens the workspace. To save a workspace go to
    File>Workspace>Save. You will open a work space from File>Workspace>Open or by choosing the workspace showing at the bottom of the window.
  8. Paint Shop Pro File Menu
    The File menu contains most of Paint Shop Pro's "housekeeping" and setup options. The File menu can be activated by clicking on the Icon on the Menu Bar or by pressing (Alt)-F. To select a particular menu item, either type the underlined letter in the menu, drag the cursor to the appropriate menu choice, or use the arrow keys to move up and down the menu choices and hit Enter when you have the menu choice highlighted.To create a new image, you can type the shortcut key, click on the New icon on the Standard Toolbar or choose File>New from the menu drop-down list. The New Image dialog box will appear allowing you to set the attributes for the new graphic you will be creating.
  9. Corel Paint Shop Pro
    For anyone who aspires to make good photos great, there's Paint Shop Pro X. You'll be able to learn as you go with a built-in Learning Center that lets you choose automatic photo fixes or precision editing controls for fine-tuning.When we asked you what you wanted to see in new Paint Shop Pro X, you said you wanted smart learning tools that you could use. Here it is! With the NEW Learning Center, Paint Shop Pro will actually teach you how to edit your photos, remove objects from your photos, create collages, make the most of the Text Tool and so much more! Finally, you can learn how to do all the things you've always wanted to do with Paint Shop Pro, but never knew how.
  10. Tephra's Paint Shop Pro Tutorials
    You will need to have your browser open to Kaleidoscope Painter (needs java) to do this tutorial. If this applet crashes for you (as it does for me in Opera) use the older, abandoned site here. I have written the page owner about the crashing applet problem but never received a reply. Both links will open in new windows. Also used in this tutorial are some of the filters from Simple Filters (Blintz and Half Wrap) and my own filter set Teph's Tricks (Slide X 50%, Slide Y 50%, and Dark to Transparent).






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