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Action Script Tutorials


  1. Action Script Tutorial
    ActionScript is the scripting language of Macromedia Flash. A scripting language is a way to communicate with a program; you can use it to tell Flash what to do and to ask Flash what is happening as a movie runs. This two-way communication lets you create interactive movies. In this tutorial, you will examine the tasks involved in creating an interactive puzzle. To complete the ActionScript tutorial, you'll take advantage of Flash 5 features beyond what you learned in the lessons and the Using Flash tutorial, and you'll learn more about creating an interactive movie. The tutorial is designed for Flash users who are ActionScript beginners but who want to work towards advanced abilities.
  2. Action Script Guide
    Often times, you will find yourself assigning many properties to one particular movie clip. Let's say you have a movie clip instance called theContent_txt. Adding properties to it could look like this:
    theContent_txt.text = "the business is mine"; 
    theContent._x = 456; 
    theContent._y = 345; 
    Notice how you are repeating the word theContent. A better, cleaner method for referencing one particular object would be to use the with() statement.The with() statement calls an object once and allows you to access all of the object's properties and methods with only one reference.
  3. Advanced Action Script Guide
    Here we are going to cover Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in Flash with Actionscript 1.0. If you are familiar with Javascript, you will feel right at home as Actionscript is based on the ECMA-262 (The European Computers Manufacturers Association) specification of which Javascript is based. Actionscript 1.0 is used by Flash 5, MX and MX 2004. Though it pretty much started with Flash 5, a lot of what will be covered is specific to Actionscript in Flash MX and later. For OOP in Flash 5, see Building Object-Oriented Applications in Flash 5 by Robin Debreuil. As for MX2004 you would need to specify Actionscript 1.0 in the Publish Settings of your movie. Though Actionscript 1.0 still works in conjunction with Actionscript 2.0, some of the topics discussed will not function due to the restrictions placed on some aspects of Actionscript 1.0 when the primary language is set to Actionscript 2.0.
  4. CBT Cafe - ActionScript Tutorials
    Flash MX has added some great new features and one of the most exciting is the new Scrollpane Component. Now, creating scrollers is as easy as dragging and dropping. Check out this tutorial for one way to use the Scrollpane Component as well as how to use Load Movie to load external Flash movies from within the Scrollpane. We've also included a Flash Video Tutorial for this lesson. We started by creating a new Flash movie and then creating 8 graphic symbols that will be used as our thumbnails. We also created larger .swf movies for each thumbnail that we'll later load into the main movie.
  5. Action Script Variable
    A variable is the simplest means of keeping track of information in your Flash code. A variable's value can be set once and never changed, or changed often. Values can be set during author-time (when you're creating your Flash file), or determined during run-time, like the score in a game. Variables can be thought of as named boxes in which we store information. In order to access the information again we need to know the name of the variable which holds it. We provide the name by which the variable can be referenced when we create (or declare) our variable. Declaration let's Flash know that we'd like to create a new variable with a set name to store information in. Of course, a variable with no value is of little use, so generally we wish to define our variable also. Defining a variable is the act of allocating a value to the variable.
  6. Flash: ActionScript Programming
    The backbone of a complex Flash document is its programming. Flash designers use programs to make buttons, change scenery, allow users to input data, and so forth. While Flash programming is not easy, version 5 comes with a variety of tools that help you navigate the tricky waters of programming without getting shipwrecked. The following pages should give you a brief overview of the Flash ActionScript language, the tools given to you in the Flash package, and the ways you can make your Flash movies really shine.
  7. ActionScript Dictionary
    You can now update your Macromedia Flash MX help system with the Macromedia Flash MX Documentation Updater. It includes all the information cited in the Errata. It also provides new documentation on multilingual text, creating components, using the drawing API, and new Macromedia Flash Player (6r40) features. In addition it includes a new tutorial on using Macromedia Flash Learning interactions and updates to the ActionScript Dictionary. The documentation updater is available for the English version of Flash MX only.




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