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  1. Fireworks Support Center
    Fireworks MX eliminates the need to manually switch graphic modes so that you can seamlessly create and edit vector objects and bitmap images without having to worry about which mode you're in.In this tutorial you'll gain an appreciation for modeless editing in Fireworks MX by working with vector objects and bitmap images. You'll also discover how the Property inspector and the Tools panel work together to simplify graphics creation and editing. This tutorial will be especially helpful to users of previous versions of Fireworks, who may have already developed a comfortable workflow using modes.
  2. Fireworks Documentation
    This guide introduces you to using Macromedia Fireworks 8. It also includes four tutorials that lead you through the process of creating web graphics. The tutorials teach you how to perform the following tasks with Fireworks:
    Import and place images into graphics 
    Draw and manipulate vector shapes 
    Batch process images files 
    Optimize and export image files 
    Work with text, frames, layers, shapes, and masks 
    Slice images 
    Create rollovers, buttons, and pop-up menus 
  3. One-Day Fireworks
    Over the past two and a half years, I must have produced thousands of Web graphics using Photoshop, various plug-ins, Illustrator, DeBabelizer, and GifBuilder. Along the way, I've honed and refined my technique so that I have a rep for producing tiny file sizes and high-quality Web graphics. But I've always taken the praise with a dash of salt.  The ability to generate HTML and Web graphics is an ephemeral skill. I've always known that much of what I do would eventually become automated by software - which is fine by me. I'd rather not spend all my days drudging images through three, even five applications, most of which were never meant to create images for the Web. I prefer spending my time creating better graphics
  4. Fireworks MX Tutorial
    The purpose of this online tutorial is to provide you with the necessary information and hands-on experience that will enable you to create, edit, and optimize graphics for the web using the Fireworks MX image editor application. The online tutorial is designed to show you how easy to use .Fireworks MX is, and how quickly you can learn to use the application in order to create web-based graphics.The online tutorial works in conjunction with the Fireworks MX application. So to get the most out of the tutorial, make sure the application is installed on your computer and it is launched while using the tutorial.
  5. Computer Based Training Cafe 
    CBT Cafe stands for Computer Based Training Cafe. We offer free web based software training and web based software tutorials for multimedia and graphic design in HTML, QuickTime® Video, and Flash video training formats. We cover the most popular web design and graphics software programs, including: Flash MX, Fireworks MX, Dreamweaver MX, Photoshop, Cleaner 5, QuickTime, Ebay, and PowerPoint. Our web based software training is entirely free! All you need is an internet connection and the free QuickTime or latest Flash player installed. To ensure you're able to view the multimedia tutorials, you can download QuickTime from Apple and the latest Flash Player from Macromedia.


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