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Front page Tutorials


  1. FrontPage Tutorials
    SiteBuilder specializes in FrontPage Tutorials, both Animated FrontPage Tutorials & Step by Step FrontPage Tutorials! The Database Results Wizard is highlighted in the FrontPage Tutorials.This tutorial is the starting point for the FrontPage Database Application series. It assumes that you are working with FrontPage 2000 and have already created a website. You also need to make sure that you have FrontPage Server Extensions on the Web Server will you will host your website.  
  2. FrontPage Templates and Themes
    If you do not see a taskbar on the right of your screen in FrontPage, go to File/New/Web. On the taskbar to the right, choose "Web Site Templates" under "New From Template." FrontPage will also list some of your recently used Web Templates if you want to choose one of those instead.  Choose the Web Template you wish to use from your list of Web Templates.  Specify the location where you want to publish your new web. This may be a local folder on your hard drive or you may publish directly to your server.  Click "OK" to create your new web, and sit back and wait while FrontPage builds a new web from the Web Template. 
  3. Online FrontPage Tutorial
    These words are used often in these tutorials, so learn them now:-
    Hyperlink - Text or graphic hotspots that load other webpages when clicked on. 
    Pixel - The unit of measurement on the web. One pixel is approximately the size of a period (.) in 12-point Arial font. 
    Shortcut menu - As with all PC programs, access popup shortcut menus by right-clicking on objects with the mouse. 
    URL (Universal Resource Locator) - The address of a web site. This what is after the "http://" on the location bar on your browser. 
    Web - In FrontPage, your web site is referred to as a web.
  4. FrontPage and AOL
    America Online (AOL) uses unique proprietary dialer software. This article describes several items you should keep in mind if you are using FrontPage with the America Online's Internet software.Microsoft support engineers do not troubleshoot America Online connectivity issues through an America Online dial-up connection. This article is provided for information purposes only. You can download the latest version of America Online's Internet software by connecting to the following World Wide Web site: 
  5. The FrontPage Tutorial
    When it comes to Web authoring tools, none is as simple to use at Microsoft FrontPage. With its generous amount of wizards and it's library of templates and images, it's a beginner's dream. You won't need a large staff to create a site that's both useful and professional. 
    The latest edition, FrontPage 2000, contains some much needed improvements that make a solid choice for power users, as well. At last, FrontPage won't mess with hand-coded HTML. It also supports Cascading Style Sheets and allows for pixel-precise placement of images. 
  6. IceMocha Template
    Welcome to IceMocha FrontPage web site! We specialize in quality and professional web templates for business as well as personal web pages in various layout styles with template instructions that will help you build your website quickly and easily. We update this site regularly with new web templates and tutorials, so please check back often to see our updates.All web templates are optimized for Internet Explore 6, Netscape 7 and other compatible web browsers and require FrontPage 2002 or 2003.
  7. AccessFP -FrontPage Resources
    We find FrontPage Resources so YOU don't have to.Our FrontPage Community Network is committed to bringing you news of the latest links on FrontPage, themes, addons and general web information to help you craft your site. We cover Microsoft FrontPage 97, FP98, FP2000, FP2002, FP2003 and FPE (FrontPage Express) and incorporate Tips, Tutorials, How-to's, Faqs and Help.  AccessFP will be covering Expression Web Designer to some extent and I've started a new group for when it's available to the public via CTP on March 20th.
  8. Spooky's Databases
    Our resident FrontPage Database guru, Spooky, wrote this section of tutorials. As far as we know, it's the best set of FrontPage Database tutorials on the Internet. FrontPage 2000 has included a much more useful tool in its implementation of the Database Results Wizard (DRW) than was available with FP98.Although the wizard is used to set up your DRW, the code itself is actually quite customizable  Here we have a look at the code, and what changing it will probably result in.






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