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Get Length of Array

In this Tutorial we want to describe you a example code that helps in get a length of array.

Get Length of Array


In this Tutorial we want to describe you a example code that helps in  get a length of array. For this we are using JavaScript language. The code create a HTML Page specifying a string ,spilt character with their respective text field and a spilt button. On click a spilt button, a push function is invoked. This function include a variable array that instantiate an array object, and include the method string. split.

string. spilt( ) -  This method is used to break or spilt a string into a separate chunks. If we have a number like "1234568" and want to store each number separately, for this you need to specify the delimiter that enables you a break line after each number separately.

The splited string is stored in a  variable string. The for loop run and execute the script till the variable i is less than array length. Finally the doument.getElementBy Id print the element of string variable on the basis of respective ID.

javascript array split.html

  <title>Split Array</title>
    var array = new Array();
      function push(string,chr){
      var array= string.split(chr);
      var str = "<hr><b>Array :</b>"
      for(i=0;i<array.length;i++) {
      document.getElementById('myDiv').innerHTML = str;
   <h2>Split Array</h2>
    <form name="form1">
     <table width="407">
         <td width="154" align="right"><b>String</b></td>
         <td width="9"><b>&nbsp;:</b></td>
         <td width="224">
           <input type="text" name="string"/></td>
         <td width="154" align="right"><b>Split Character</b></td>
         <td width="9"><b>&nbsp;:</b></td>
         <td width="224">
           <input type="text" name="chr"/>
         <td width="154" align="right">&nbsp;</td>
         <td width="9">&nbsp;</td>
         <td width="224">
           <input type="button" Value=" Split " 
        <div id="myDiv"></div>


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