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JavaScript array passing

In this section of JavaScript array tutorial we have shown an example of passing array to the methods or functions.

JavaScript array passing


In this section of JavaScript array tutorial we have shown an example of passing array to the methods or functions. When any array object is passed to a method in JavaScript then it is passed by reference not pass by value. The changes what we do in the array elements would reflect afterwards.

In this example we have created an array of five elements. Here we have created a function Pass() where we have passed the object of array . This function takes the array object as argument and adds one element "Track" at the index "2". Now you can check that array now becomes of length six and contains six elements also after the Pass() method. Since array objects in JavaScript are passed by reference therefore you can find the changes in the array.

Full example code of JavaScript array passing example is as follows:


  JavaScript array passing example
<script type="text/javascript">
var arr = new Array(5);
function Pass(arrayName)
   document.writeln("Array in the function is ="+ arrayName+"</br>");
   document.writeln("Array before calling Pass() method is ="+arr+"</br>");
   document.writeln("Array after calling Pass() method is ="+arr+"</br>");
<body bgcolor="#ddcdff">
JavaScript array passing

Output of the example is as follows:

Download Source Code


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December 23, 2011
pass array by ref

heeyy anybody know how to pass an array by value instead of reference, as Basic,could you type Byref or Byval just before the argument?? or something similar
February 1, 2012
passing random number array between pages.

Could you please tell me how I can use JS to pass an array of random numbers, generated by math.random,between different pages.