Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development services from Rose India Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Mobile Application Development

The Mobile Application Development is specified software development process, where developers design and develops the application for various mobile devices. Due to low processing and memory power Mobile Application must be well optimized. There are many mobile platforms available in the market. For each platform the programming API is different. So, an application developed for iPhone won't work on the Android. For each platform different application is to be coded and compiled.

We help client in executing long term Mobile Development projects. We design, documents, create graphic design, develop code, test and finally release the client mobile programming projects at very attractive cost.

Our expert development team is providing Mobile Application development services to clients. Contact us if you have you are looking for development of any of the following mobile application:

  • Development of Mobile Application for Android
    We are developing mobile applications such as games, entertainment, kids apps, tracking system etc. for Android enabled mobile phones.
  • Development of Mobile Applications for iPhone
    The iPhone is another most used smart phone around the world. There are many different types of applications that can be developed for Android phone. We offer customized application development for iPhone.
  • Development of Mobile Applications for iPad
    The iPad from apple provides many features as compared to laptops, we develops customized application for iPad. Get your iPhone application developed in India at our software development center.
  • Development of Mobile Applications for Palm
    Our development team is expert in the development of Pam applications.
  • Development of Mobile Applications for WebOS
    We offer WebOS application development services.
  • Development of Mobile Applications for Symbian mobiles
    We develops and deliver customized applications for Symbian mobiles.
  • Development of Mobile Applications for J2ME enabled mobiles
    J2ME mobiles are very common these days. If you have any requirement for the development of J2ME applications send us your requirement to enables us to send you quote.
  • Development of Mobile Applications for Blackberry
    Blackberry is Smartphone mostly used in the business environment. Our developers are expert in development of mobile applications for various versions of Blackberry including BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Pearle etc. We offer application development and support services for Blackberry mobile phones at very attractive cost.
  • Development of Mobile Applications for Samsung
    Get your applications developed for Samsung mobiles.
  • Development of Mobile Applications for Windows mobile
    We develops native applications for the windows mobiles.
  • Development of Mobile Applications for QT platform
    We develops application for the QT platform that can be deploys over a hundred million mobile phones.
  • Development of Mobile Applications for BREW
    We provide application development services for BREW (Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless) enabled mobile phones. The BREW is an application development platform for mobile phones created by Qualcomm.
  • Development of Mobile Applications for Palm OS
    Palm OS is a mobile OS developed by Palm, Inc. for PDAs in 1996. We help our clients in getting their applications developed for Palm devices.
  • Development of Applications for Vertu device
    We provide application development services for the Vertu devices.
  • Development of Applications for Windows CE
    Windows CE is real time operating systems for embedded devices and mobile phones. It was developed and maintained by Microsoft. We provide application development services for Windows CE enabled mobile phones.

We offer Games, Entertainment, Educational and many other types of Mobile application development services.

Mobile Application solution designing and Development

We offer development of following software solutions for our client.

  • Mobile Radio application
    Get your mobile Radio application developed at our Mobile application development center in India. You you our service to develop mobile applications for your radio channel. Get your Online Radio Applications developed by our developers. We develops world class Online Radio Applications for almost all the latest mobile devices.
  • Mobile Medical application
    We develops applications for medical industry.
  • Mobile GPS tracking system
    The Mobile GPS tracking system helps the user's to track the location of their friends and family members.
  • Mobile tracking system
    Use tracking system to track the location of your GPS enabled mobile phones any time anywhere.
  • Video and audio-casting solutions
    The Mobile Video and audio-casting solutions is ideal for the companies planning to deliver rich media content to the mobile users.
  • Mobile learning solution
    We provide application development services for learning industry. Now you can use our service for the development of next generation mobile learning solutions for your business.
  • Mobile application for the businesses
    We help the business by developing applications for mobile devices.
  • Mobile social networking application
    Social networking websites are very popular these days. If you have any plan for the development of Mobile social networking website, contact us for getting your software developed at very competitive prices.
  • Mobile twitter application
    Twitter is micro social networking platform used by the millions of users per day. We help our clients in getting their customized application developed to use the twitter platform.
  • Mobile IM application
    Messaging application is used to communicate. We officer software development services for development of IM applications for major mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry etc.
  • Full fledge multiuser mobile games
    We develops server program and mobile games to provide complete multiuser mobile games system to our clients.
  • Mobile Applications for the news portal
    If you have a news portal and want mobile version of your web site, we will develop it for you at very competitive price.
  • Mobile ERP
    We help in getting developed the Mobile interface for their ERP solution.
  • Development of enterprise Mobility solutions
  • Messaging and communication applications
    The IM or Instant Messaging application allows the to communicate with their friends. We develops customized IM applications as per client requiremetns.
  • Packaged solutions for the mobile devices
    We can create complete mobile enabled website and enterprise applications.
  • Mobile shopping solutions
  • Mobile credit card processing system
  • Mobile POS application
  • Mobile Credit card processing application
  • Mobile billing system
  • Credit card terminal applications for iPhone, Android, Symbian and major mobile platform
  • Mobile shopping solutions
  • Mobiles shopping car.
  • Mobile photo applications
  • Magazine mobile applications
    If you are publisher of online magazine you can use our Mobile application development services for development of magazine mobile applications.
  • Newspaper mobile applications
    Newspapers are integral part of day to day life. With the popularity of high end mobile phones, users are spending more and more time with their mobiles. You can take advantage of this approach and distribute newspapers using mobile platform. We help our clients in developing Newspaper mobile applications.
  • Mobile Navigation system
    It helps the users to find right directions for their destinations. We help our client in development of customized Mobile Navigation system.
  • Mobile video applications
    We develops application for steaming audio and video on the mobile devices. We also write server program to stream the videos using open source video steaming servers. We also work with Adobe media and Red5 servers.
  • RSS New reader
    RSS Mobile news reader application helps the users to get the latest RSS news on their mobile. User can also save the news in favorite.
  • Mobile applications for Hotels and Restaurants
    We provide customized mobile software development services. We help the travel business owners to getting their mobile software developed at very competitive price.
  • Money transfer and credit card processing applications
    We provide expert guideline and development support for development of mobile money transfer system.
  • Development of Enterprise Mobility solutions
    We provide development of Enterprise mobility solutions.

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