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Wireless VoIP

The Wifi Wireless VoIP In previous articles, the challenges of security, reliability, VoIP protocol robustness, and voice quality have been discussed in relation to the implementation of VoIP on 802.11/WiFi wireless networks.

Wireless VoIP


  1. The Wifi Wireless VoIP
    In previous articles, the challenges of security, reliability, VoIP protocol robustness, and voice quality have been discussed in relation to the implementation of VoIP on 802.11/WiFi wireless networks. Despite the technical complexities that may exist, it is possible to purchase wireless VoIP devices that provide excellent voice quality in today?s market. These offerings, often requiring vendor specific adjunct components, are being deployed in an increasing number in commercial and enterprise environments. As technology advances, so do the demands and requirements of those customers that want to integrate such technologies into their corporate infrastructures. 
  2. VoIP Dartmouth Wireless Intros
    The college, nestled in the Connecticut River Valley in Hanover, N.H., was one of the first to deploy a campuswide wireless network a few years ago. Now, it's adding voice to the mix. Dartmouth will offer free softphones -- software that allows a user to make and receive phone calls on a PC or PDA - to incoming freshmen. Calls will be routed over the school's new converged voice and data network, and will be free to students. The new voice over wireless LAN  services will be phased in gradually, said Bob Johnson, associate director for telecommunications at Dartmouth. "Nobody has ever rolled this out to this extent before, so we really don't know what the support issues are going to be," he said. "My assumption is that the kids are a lot more computer-savvy than us old folk, and they're going to adapt to the technology very easily, but we just want to make sure that we're prepared to handle it. 
  3. VoIP Wireless Phone
    The EZLoop Wireless VoIP Phone is a next generation communication device. It adds Voice-over-IP (VoIP) communications with wireless installations, allowing simultaneous voice and data support on the same wireless backbone. EZLoop Wireless VoIP Phone also features an LCD display for business or home user applications, and provides straightforward user customization based on changing needs. It is also good for ITSP, Multi-Branch offices or SOHO & HotSpot applications combined with wireless broadband accessing.
  4. Where's Wireless VoIP With News and Analysis
    Wireless VoIP is a popular, if not divisive, topic these days. Despite the clear benefits of making cheap VoIP phone calls using a cellular or Wi-Fi phone, there's a hot debate over which nascent technologies will complement the service, how best to bridge the gaps between the worlds of WAN and LAN, and conflicting views about what role cellular carriers will play in all of this. During a series of panel discussions held last week at the wVoIP Executive Summit in San Francisco, a group of industry analysts and company executives discussed these issues and how they might affect the future of wireless VoIP. What VoIP has done to the wired phone business, wireless VoIP is doing to the cellular business," said Dan Rosenbaum of FierceVoIP, who chaired the event. "Just as the legacy phone industry has adjusted painfully to VoIP, the cellular industry is now having to adjust to wireless VoIP.
  5. Introduction of VoIP and wireless Networking
    Voice over Internet Protocol, or commonly known as VOIP, is basically a type of software and hardware which allows people to use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls by sending voice data in packets, or datagrams rather than by traditional circuit transmissions of the PSTN. It enables you to communicate with anyone who has a regular phone number. VOIP has emerged as a viable way to drastically cut costs of telephone calls, since telephone calls over the Internet do not incur a surcharge on what the user is paying for internet access. One may wonder why there exists a demand for wireless VOIP. Again, money is the simple answer here. Businesses take great interest in decreased communication costs while making use of a reliable and good quality service. Wireless VOIP can be classified as VoWiFi, or Voice over Wireless Fidelity. 
  6. Wireless ADSL VoIP Router
    The SpeedTouch 716WL gateway router provides standard broadband ADSL connectivity using USB, Ethernet and Wireless and now supports connection of standard telephone handsets for making SIP based Voice over IP calls over a standard ADSL broadband connection. The SpeedTouch 716WL, supports ADSL2+ as standard and is backward compatible to ADSL ensuring future use with high speed ADSL2+ based services where available. The SpeedTouch 716WL is also capable of future upgrade to support ADSL2+ Annex M, with upload speeds in excess of 2Mbit/s.
  7. VoIP and Wireless VoIP Services
    VoIP traffic will explode in the coming few years ? transforming the telecom industry forever. Now is the time to discuss your future. The VoIP services 2007 will bring together the industry leaders to determine their future.  The aim of this conference is to explore the business case for the introduction of VoIP and wireless VoIP services both for the enterprise end-user community and for the operator, cable operator, service provider and ISP communities. By using real-life case studies, presentations and panel discussions the objective of the conference is to explore the following key issues: * The VoIP value proposition * How VoIP is revolutionizing the communications industry by enabling next generation services and significant revenue opportunities  * The emerging wireless VoIP market ? what does the future hold? * The "Killer Applications" in a VoIP environment; * Service provider strategies in the enterprise and consumer markets to generate revenues from this growing market
  8. VoIP ADSL Solutions
    When BT first launched the ADSL service in the UK all the client side or customer-premise-equipment (CPE) was supplied by BT as part of the service. This has all changed with the introduction of the 'wires-only' service. On this service, you buy the service from an ISP who makes arrangements with BT to make changes at the exchange to enable ADSL on your standard telephone line. Since no engineer calls at your home or business, it's up you to choose and source the necessary hardware. You will need at least a modem, to make the high-speed data connection, and some splitters, which insulate the new ADSL signal from your standard phones. At Solwise we stock an expanding range of ADSL modems for both single computer and network set-ups. Our modems support all the variants of the ADSL standards used on BT and KC lines in the UK.   
  9. VoIP Wireless Prime Time
    Enterprise might already be using voice over wireless LAN, but the technology is still far from perfect, admitted networking and telecom executives at this week's VON Europe conference here. Even the most bullish said that a host of problems, from security to ease-of-use, need to be ironed out before wireless VOIP (voice over IP) can live up to its potential and shake up the wireless voice industry. VOIP is making steady progress on fixed IP networks, where many businesses simply see it as a more flexible, cost-effective replacement for aging PBXes. Telecom companies are replacing their traditional infrastructure with IP.



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