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VoIP Gateway Software

VoIP Paraxip Open Gateway The first set of products is a family of PSTN-to-SIP Gateways designed from the ground up for the IVR and speech market. The Paraxip Gateway is a ready-to-use software product compatible with off-the-shelf hardware components.

VoIP Gateway Software


  1. VoIP Paraxip Open Gateway
    The first set of products is a family of PSTN-to-SIP Gateways designed from the ground up for the IVR and speech market. The Paraxip Gateway is a ready-to-use software product compatible with off-the-shelf hardware components. The product can be purchased via software licenses, via hardware and software bundles from Paraxip's distributors or through packaged, turnkey systems via the distributors as well. The Paraxip Gateways offer highly differentiated features such as: * Paraxip Call Forking, enabling flexible, reliable and scalable IP-based call recording and call monitoring; * Advanced Call Progress Analysis including answering machine detection, enabling improved ROI of SIP-based outbound solutions such as * predictive dialers and outbound notification;  * Advanced call transfer capabilities, reducing the operating costs of self-service applications; 
  2. Introduction of VoIP Gateway Software
    VOCAL Technologies modem/telephony software libraries include the G.723 dual rate speech coder optimized for execution on DSP architectures from leading silicon suppliers. This software is modular and can be executed as a single task under a variety of operating systems or it can executed standalone with its own micro kernel. The G.723 speech coder recommendation was developed for use in multimedia platforms, in particular those specified by the H.32x series recommendations. It provides two compressed stream bit rates, 5 1/3k bps and 6.4k bps. The higher bit rate is of greater quality. The coder processes signals with 30 ms frames and has a 7.5 ms look-ahead. Relative to the G.729/G.729A coders, the G.723 speech coders pass DTMF tones through with less distortion. 
  3. The Low Cost VoIP Gateway Software
    Introduced version 2.0 of its MicroTelco Gateway voice over IP software, providing SOHOs, SMEs, and VoIP resellers more robust features and everyday saving opportunities. PBX-Call-Through offers businesses the ability to connect their PBX to the Internet while making zero change to their PBX configuration or having to retrain PBX users. With no changes to the PBX configuration and no additional training to users, MicroTelco Gateway is a low cost, money saving solution in today's telecommunication market both in the U.S. and overseas. The PBX-Call-Through feature handles voice and fax calls by automatically Least Cost Routing all outgoing long distance and international calls via the Internet - selecting the lowest rate per minute by destination. 
  4. Gateway for Voice Modem 2.03
    Teleon Skype Gateway for voice modem is a VoIP gateway driver for common voice modem card. Calls can be forwarded from PSTN to Skype remote user and vice versa, in fix transfer mode or free dial mode. Its freeware version has a duration limitation for each call. There are some feature are follow here:- *  Automatic installation/uninstallation program helps you to install, uninstall and remove driver. *  Call from Skype to PSTN and PBX: open a chat window in Skype, type "atd xx..x", then initiate Skype call. Call will be forwarded by Skype gateway card to PSTN or PBX number xx...x. * Call from PSTN to Skype or SkypeOut: Call to the PSTN phone number where the gateway card is connected. Call will be answered after a number of rings, send out a prompt tone to inform you dial, dial the Skype remote speed dial number yy and # or SkypeOut PSTN number 011xx..xx#. *  Support PIN calls. You can set PIN code to authenticate PSTN to SkypeOut calls, like phone card system. 
  5. The Voiceboard VoIP Gateway
    Voiceboard Voice over IP (VoIP) Gateway software library is a set of downloadable modules for MediaPro embedded DSP resource board products. The Gateway library implements a standalone VoIP Trunking Gateway by providing call control, call switching, DSP resource management and embedded H.323, MGCP/MEGACO or SIP protocols. The VoIP Gateway software library is a member of the MediaPro product line, a modular series of cPCI and VMEbus telecommunications boards and embedded software. 
  6. VoIP Gateway Trunk and Carrier Based Routing
    Voice wholesalers use multiple ingress and egress carriers to route traffic. A call coming in to a gateway on a particular ingress carrier must be routed to an appropriate egress carrier. As networks grow and become more complicated, the dial plans needed to route the carrier traffic efficiently become more complex and the need for carrier sensitive routing (CSR) increases. The Gateway Trunk and Carrier Based Routing Enhancements feature implements CSR for Cisco voice gateways. The gateway feature described in this document adds the following routing features: * Implementation of trunk groups and enhanced key matches on several platforms and interfaces * Reduction of the number of dial peers in a dial plan by using profile aggregation and multiple trunk group supports * Enhanced hunting schemes * Call capacity updates on carriers and trunk groups



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