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VoIP Router

Broadband Phone Services VoIP Router D-Link introduces the DVG-1402S Broadband Phone Service VoIP Router. The DVG-1402S is designed for businesses or homes that want to take advantage of Internet connectivity and Voice Over IP using a single gateway. The

VoIP Router


  1. Broadband Phone Services VoIP Router
    D-Link introduces the DVG-1402S Broadband Phone Service VoIP Router. The DVG-1402S is designed for businesses or homes that want to take advantage of Internet connectivity and Voice Over IP using a single gateway. The DVG-1402S Broadband Phone Service VoIP Router enables standard phones to be used for voice calls over the Internet. Telephone calls made over the Internet (VoIP) maximizes your broadband investment and is a cost-effective way to make phone calls. Enjoy low-cost long-distance calling with the DVG-1402S. Using your existing broadband connection, the DVG-1402S connects to your cable or DSL modem. Connect up to two regular phones to the DVG-1402S, and with an appropriate Internet phone service plan, you are ready to make VoIP calls. With the DVG-1402S, calling over the Internet is simple and works just like a regular telephone. The DVG-1402S is compatible with several convenient call features such as caller ID, voicemail, call waiting, and three way calling.
  2. VoIP Router with 108Mbps wireless Router
    The DrayTek Vigor2800VG is a combined Voice Over IP ADSL router for Internet access, firewall, VPN device and Ethernet switch. The DrayTek Vigor Vigor2800VG includes features such as VLAN, QoS, Content filtering, VPN support for up to 32 tunnels and a USB printer port and support for all current ADSL technologies. Targeting requirement for residential, SOHO (Small office and Home Office) and business users, the DrayTek Vigor 2800VG is an ADSL2/2+ enabled integrated access device. With downstream speed up to 12Mbps (ADSL2) or 24Mbps (ADSL2+). The DrayTek Vigor 2800VG provides exceptional bandwidth* for internet access. 
  3. VoIP Router NetGear TA612V 
    Now that the idea of using the Internet for making phone calls is catching on in all walks of life we?re starting to see some real bargains out on the streets. With the TA612V, consumer and small business champion Netgear has teamed up with service provider sipgate to deliver a complete VoIP (Voice over IP) package that aims to be small on price but big on ease of use. It uses the SIP (session initiation protocol) and as a sweetener comes with over nine hours of free calls to get you hooked. The sipgate service offers some interesting possibilities as during registration for a SIP account UK residents can have an 0845 or 0870 number assigned or they can request a number using their area code.
  4. VoIP Router DVG-1402S
    SIPphone Inc., the VoIP ( define - news - alert)-based calling service from founder Michael Robertson, today announced the immediate availability of the D-Link Broadband Phone Service VoIP Router DVG-1402S. The new router created by D-Link-not intentionally restricted to a particular VoIP service, can be configured for use with any SIP standards-based VoIP service, with no fees or penalties to the customer. SIPphone?s CEO, in the VoIP industry, services like Vonage and AT&T pay manufacturers to lock otherwise standards-based hardware to their service. Robertson says that these payments come in many forms including price subsidies, rebates and development funds.
  5. VoIP Router Cellphone Box Pictures
    Looks like T-Mobile has rolled out the limited-edition beta deployment, and one such user sent in these pictures of his box that came with a router and a cellphone. With T-mobile At Home and the included Samsung dual-mode phone (WiFi + Cellular), you can switch back and forth between the cellular network and any WiFi access point. We're not sure how well it works, but we'll post updates we have them. 
  6. VoIP Router SpeedToutch 716WL Wireless ADSL
    The SpeedTouch 716WL gateway router provides standard broadband ADSL connectivity using USB, Ethernet and Wireless and now supports connection of standard telephone handsets for making SIP based Voice over IP calls over a standard ADSL broadband connection. The SpeedTouch 716WL, supports ADSL2+ as standard and is backward compatible to ADSL ensuring future use with high speed ADSL2+ based services where available. The SpeedTouch 716WL is also capable of future upgrade to support ADSL2+ Annex M, with upload speeds in excess of 2Mbit/s.
  7. VoIP Gateways and Routers
    SmartNode and SmartLink VoIP telephony solutions are more than just talk. These VoIP gateway, VoIP router, & VoIP telephony solutions really work. Over seven years running Patton engineering has been developing and refining SmartNode VoIP technology. And Patton puts our advanced VoIP technology into every SmartNode VoIP router and VoIP gateway we make. SmartNode offers VoIP gateway and VoIP router solutions with virtually every VoIP telephony interface, including ISDN PRI & BRI, T1, E1, FXS, FXO, and more. Plus SmartNode supports SIP, H.323, and MICK VoIP technologies. That means SmartNode VoIP technology solutions will fit your network.

  8. VoIP Router with 2 Phone Ports WRT54GP 2A-AT 
    The Linksys Wireless-G broadband router combines the flexibility of a home network with the simplicity of good design. You can directly connect up to four PCs (or daisy-chain as many hubs as you like) and allow them all to share a DSL connection or cable modem. The built-in Ethernet ports support up to four devices, while the wireless access point handles both Wireless-G and Wireless-B accessories; secure encryption protects your privacy. These functions are all set up through a browser-based Web utility that will have you up and running quickly. Four Ethernet ports and two telephone jacks are readily accessible. The unit also features two standard phone jacks that connect any ordinary telephone or fax to AT&T CallVantage sm Service. Each jack operates independently and can support two different phone numbers.
  9. ZyXEL Prestige 2602HW ADSL VoIP Router
    ZyXEL has always ensured that its range of Prestige ADSL routers has more features than you can shake a stick at and its latest model, the 2602HW, keeps this tradition going admirably. Along with a full range of security features and 802.11b/g wireless access point capabilities it also provides support for VoIP enabling you to make and receive calls over the Internet for a fraction the cost of standard PSTN calls. Despite the potential of VoIP we?ve see relatively few consumer products supporting this as it has generally been targeted at larger businesses looking to make big savings on their phone bills. The 2602HW brings this to home users and small businesses and supports SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), enabling calls to be made to other VoIP devices and to normal landlines. You must sign up with a SIP gateway service provider of which there an ever increasing number popping up.
  10. VoIP Router AVM Fritzbox fon Wlan
    The bizarrely named Fritzbox Fon Wlan 7050 is an ADSL VoIP router with built-in PBX (private branch exchange) that allows you to make calls over both the conventional telephone network and the Internet. You can connect up to three analogue telephones and, for those of you with the right equipment, up to eight ISDN phones. Ten simultaneous SIP-based VoIP numbers can be configured, with dialling rules applied to automatically select the cheapest tariff. Different VoIP numbers can be allocated to specific handsets, and calls can be passed from one line to another. Installation is very simple. You can either use the device as a standard wireless broadband router or alternatively plug it direct into your PC via USB. If you?re using Windows XP/2000, Mac OS X or Linux the drivers are installed directly from the device.
  11. VoIP Router with Vigor 2600VG ADSL
    The DrayTek Vigor 2600V has all of the features of the Vigor2600Plus ADSL router with the addition of two phone sockets, to provide Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) facilities - just like having two extra voice phone lines. VoIP enables you to use your existing broadband capacity to carry regular voice calls to suitably equipped remote sites, for example another Vigor2600V router. The Vigor2600V also has enhanced VPN capacity and Internet content filtering. Versions are also available with an ISDN interface and a built-in wireless access point. The calls between the two sites in the example above are free of charge because they are making use of your existing always-on ADSL connection, but cost isn't the only advantage; using VOIP means that you have additional call capacity in your home or office, without tying up your regular phone line.
  12. VoIP Router Two line
    Plug this router into your ADSL/Cable Modem and then plug any regular phone into it. Even plug in your entire office PABX or fax machine. Better still, plug in your cordless phone and make calls over the internet from any room in your building! Unlike many other VoIP adapters this unit includes a built-in DHCP router for easy installation. It enables you to connect two phone devices and make simultaneous calls - or gives you two new outgoing VOIP lines on your existing PABX.  There are some specification of two line VoIP router are follow here:- * Free calling worldwide when you call another KTA3000 or Netphone device * Call Hold, Call Transfer, Call Waiting, 3-way calling, Do-Not- Disturb, Call Forwarding to regular phone, Voicemail, Conference calling and Caller ID * Pre-configured to high quality service provider with US$2 of FREE calls * Includes a full DHCP configurable router - no additional router needed. * 2 FXS ports to enable two telephone devices to make calls simultaneously 
  13. VoIP Router Dual-Port Mediatrix 2102
    The Mediatrix 2102 features voice prioritization over data and innovative IP technology to connect up to two analogue phones directly to a broadband modem - without the need for an external router. The Mediatrix 2102 VoIP access device is equipped with two FXS ports and two 10/100 BaseT LAN/WAN ports and is the ideal product for residential and enterprise users looking for a value-for-money dual port analogue adaptor. There are some features of VoIP Dual-Port router are follow here:- * dual port for connecting up to 2 analogue phones / fax machines * PSTN-quality voice over IP networks * Deployable in SIP VoIP networks * Built-in DHCP server * Automatic firmware and configuration updates * Comfort Noise Generation, Silence Suppression, Voice Activity Detection * TFTP or HTTP auto-provisioning
  14. D-Link Broadband Phone Service VoIP Router
    The DVG-1402S/L Broadband Phone Service VoIP Router enables standard phones to be used for voice calls over the Internet. Using your existing broadband connection, the DVG-1402S/ L connects to your cable or DSL modem. Connect up to two regular phones to the DVG-1402S/L, and with an appropriate Internet phone service plan, you are ready to make VoIP calls. With the included free trial from Lingo, the DVG-1402S/L gives you everything you need to start enjoying Voice over Internet Protocol phone service. Unlimited local, long distance, and international calls can be made with the included Lingo voice service. Also enjoy additional features such as Caller ID, Voicemail, 3-Way Calling, Call Forwarding. The DVG-1402S/L Broadband Phone Service VoIP Router also acts like a router for your network, providing room to connect up to four computers to share a Broadband Internet connection. 
  15. ADSL VoIP Router/Modem
    AV1001,Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)  VoIP router/modem,provides cost- effective voice and high-speed data integration. With AV1001,small businesses and home offices now can cost-effectively experience quality voice over IP (VoIP) services and high-speed data connection. The AV1001 is designed for simple installation and easy remote network management. User can configure and operate easily. There are some feature of ADSL VoIP router and modem :-* Support ANSI T1.413 Issue 2,ITU-T G.992.1 (G.DMT), and ITU-T G.992.2 (G.Lite)*  Asymmetrical data rate up to 8 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps upstream *  VoIP/PSTN call auto selection * Browser- based configuration environment *  DHCP automatically assigns and manages LAN IP addresses * Firmware upgrade available by TFTP via Ethernet port



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