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VoIP Headsets

VoIP Headsets Phone Voice Over IP (VoIP) Headsets, used in conjunction with Skype, allow the user (you) to connect to any phone in the world. The beauty of this system is that you use an existing broadband connection so that the call is either free (in t

VoIP Headsets


  1. VoIP Headsets Phone
    Voice Over IP (VoIP) Headsets, used in conjunction with Skype, allow the user (you) to connect to any phone in the world. The beauty of this system is that you use an existing broadband connection so that the call is either free (in the case of a skype to skype call) or at a vastly reduced rate. This new and groundbreaking advance to both national and global communications should alllow the domestic and business user to reap savings on their telephony bills.
  2. Plantronics VoIP Headset
    Peripherals manufacturer Plantronics on Wednesday launched what the company said is the first Bluetooth headset optimized for Voice over Internet Protocol VOIP. The Voyager 510 can be used with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, or connected to a PC using a Bluetooth USB  adapter, Plantronics said. The device is optimized for VOIP because it connects easily to VOIP software on a PC, Plantronics said. The company already has a relationship with VOIP giant Skype, which sells Plantronics' DSB-500 headset on its Web site. It's one of only two devices Skype retails. The accessories maker also sells its headsets bundled with Skype software via Italian IT distributor CDC Group. 
  3. VoIP CS50-USB Headset
    You?ve eliminated the phone, now remove the wires. The CS50-USB from Plantronics extends wireless freedom to your softphone. It?s the first wireless headset for VoIP applications with remote call detection and answer/end capability. Experience superior sound quality, stylish design, four comfortable wearing options, and hands-free convenience via your USB port. A complete wireless VoIP softphone solution that quickly connects to your USB port, allowing you to take conversations up to 200 feet from your PC with no headset cables.
  4. Plantronics DA60 USB Headset Adapter
    Bring digitally-enhanced audio quality and the comfort of Plantronics headsets to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) softphones with the Plantronics DA60. The DA60 includes a USB-to-headset adapter with digital signal processing (DSP) for crisp, clear sound, and PerSono Pro 2.0 software that provides call center agents and supervisors with unparalleled control of voice and audio quality. Plug one end of the Plantronics DA60 directly into the computer?s USB port and connect the other end to your favorite Plantronics professional headset. The DA60 also includes inline volume and mute controls for added convenience.
  5. Plantronics Audio 500 USB Computer Headset
    Electrify your audio experience with rich, resonant stereo. The Plantronics Audio 500 USB brings acoustically accurate comfort to talking, gaming, video conferencing, and unbridled tune jamming. It features a noise-canceling, telescoping microphone to enhance speech accuracy and offers soft, swivel-mounted ear cushions for all-day wear. The .Audio 500 USB is the ideal headset for home and office multi-taskers. There are some feature of  Plantronics .Audio 500 USB computer Headsets are follow here:-  * Noise-canceling mic cuts through background clamor * Soft, swivel-mounted ear cushions ensure hours of comfort * Quick Adjust boom assures ideal microphone placement * Lightweight, flexible headband delivers plush all-day comfort * Inline volume and mute controls put you in the driver?s seat * USB adapter enables plug-and-play ease
  6. Introduction of VoIP Headsets
    If you?re looking for a new headset to use with your VoIP applications, there are quite a few alternatives these days. One of the main things you?ll want to look for in a new headset is whether it connects to your computer via standard audio jacks, or via USB. The 1/8-inch audio jacks have been around for quite some time-they?re what?s found on your PC?s soundcard, or on the side of your notebook, but they can be a pain, especially if you have to reach around the back of your computer and try to determine which plug goes into which jack. There?s no such hassle with the USB headsets: for the most part, they?re plug-and-play with Windows XP and Mac OS X systems, and the sound quality is generally better.
  7. VoIP USB Headsets
    You can now maximize the value of Voice Over IP communications with the Plantronics USB VoIP headsets and the DA Series USB-to-Headset Adapters. When you combine any Plantronics professional headset, the DA60, DA55 and DA40 adapters enable softphone users to conduct crisp, cost-effective client interactions. A tiered range of solutions helps meet the budget and business requirements of every VoIP-based organization in this ever changing world. Harness the Power of Voice over IP Computer-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone technology has emerged as a productive, economical tool for administering call centers and other softphone-based organizations. 
  8. VoIP Digital USB Headsets
    Plantronics Digital USB headset & gaming headsets with advanced features. Perfect for multimedia applications such as computer gaming, CDs, MP3s, speech recognition and voice applications. Computer Software is included. The USB Headset from Plantronics provides crystal clear sound and high-quality voice input for use with games offering voice command or chat features. Plantronics USB headset is a premium adjustable headset for comfort and fit. USB headsets like Plantronics DSP-400 foldable USB Headset and Plantronics DSP-550 USB gaming headset.
  9. VoIP Headsets Sports
    Plantronics has created another accessory for road warriors, a VoIP-enabled, Bluetooth headset that connects to a cell phone or PC-based phone at the touch of a button. Wireless Bluetooth has been a mixed blessing for mobile users; great when it works, not always easy to set up for VoIP calls. Plantronics (Quote) said it has simplified the sometimes cumbersome setup with a plug-and-play USB Bluetooth adapter that circumvents the need for software downloads. Multipoint essentially recognizes where the call is originating from, making it easier to connect to the caller whether it be from an Internet softphone or mobile device.
  10. VoIP nxZEN 5000 Bluetooth Headset
    This involved installing the included software, establishing a connection, and configuring the headset. This is all easier said than done. Installing the software is easy enough, problems were encountered routing the audio through Skype. Either all audio went to the headset or all audio went to the desktop speakers, broadcasting my caller all throughout the neighborhood. I finally found a fix in the Start/Control Panel/Sounds and Audio Devices application on my desktop. There's a tab for audio, and then a drop-down. Selecting my PC speakers for default routed skype audio through the headset and everything else through my PC speakers. Turning on the headset involves pressing and holding the side button until two chirps are heard. Provided the software is running, the icon in the task bar will then turn blue indicating the headset is connected. The headset itself remains as-is, so it's not easy to know if it's connected unless you check your PC. 
  11. Freespeak and Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets
    Purchase a Jabra-GN Netcom Bluetooth headset at an affordable price from Sencommunications. We also have a great selection of Plantronics Bluetooth headsets for your enterprise solutions as well. At Sencommunications, we offer the latest Jabra-GN Netcom Bluetooth headset products. Once you purchase Plantronics or Jabra Bluetooth headsets, our services don't stop there, We also offer repair and service assistance for your Jabra Bluetooth Freespeak headsets. We provide a range of services for our customers. Purchase a set of Jabra Bluetooth headsets from our company to receive top-of-the-line equipment and knowledgeable service from our representatives. We are your complete Plantronics Bluetooth headsets solution.



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