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Positive and negative aspects of Vehicle Tracking

When some technology comes to be used at practical level it happens to cherish both plus as well as minus points of its own.

Positive and negative aspects of Vehicle Tracking


When some technology comes to be used at practical level it happens to cherish both plus as well as minus points of its own. But sometimes technology may be positive in itself but its application can be misused. Before we go ahead to give space to any technology in our house or work place we should have pre-estimates of its fall outs.

The positive aspects of the tracking system can be summarized as follows:

  1. Core benefit of tracking vehicle is that one can monitor one’s vehicle from a distance whether on individual or commercial level. It helps busy parents to keep a watch on the children even from their office and control their roaming here and there. Thus can put a check on their rash driving. This gives immense relief to business owners as it gives them information about the misuse of company vehicle or delay in delivering services or driver’s violation of speed code, if any. All this keeps a check on wastage of fuel, time and ensures the better services. With the use of this technology one need not enquire the location of the vehicle by phone again and again. One can get all the required details just by a click on the internet. Map on the screen displays the position of vehicle at a particular time.
  2. In view of long journeys and night journeys by car the technology can provide a safety network to the person in condition of emergency. It can cut time of journey short by providing the information regarding location, speed, distance from the destination leading to best route planning.
  3. Best feature of the technology is that it is easy to use. just an automated unit is needed to be installed in the vehicle and connected to the centre which may be provided by some company. This instrument is monitored by the GPS tracking company which keeps all the records or its customer’s locations. All details of location etc are communicated to the user by cell phone or internet connection.

Negative points:

No technology is free from dark areas. This technology helps monitoring vehicles and children as well and ensures increased productivity at commercial level and safety at personal level. But at the same time it encroaches the privacy of the individual. The liberty of the person gets restricted. This may lead to business owner to measure the performance of the employee by these stats only and there leaves no room for human analysis.

Thus technology carries its whites and blues. It depends on the user how to make it useful without violating anybody’s rights.




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