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Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Security is a primary concern for all vehicle owners.

Vehicle Tracking


  1. What is Vehicle Tracking?
    Vehicle Security is a primary concern for all vehicle owners. Owners as well as researchers are always on the look out for new and improved security systems for their vehicles.
  2. Overview of Vehicle Tracking System
    Vehicle tracking systems are devices used for tracking location of vehicles in real time. This is made possible by installing electronic devices in the vehicle; it is the signals sent out by the devices that enable owners or other parties entrusted with the tracking job to trace and follow the vehicle.
  3. Automatic vehicle location (avl)
    AVL enables one to locate any vehicle through internet in seconds and minutes and protect one?s remotely placed asset or in other words can say that it enables operators to monitor their vehicles.
  4. Vehicle Tracking System Features
    Monitoring and managing the mobile assets are very important for any company dealing with the services, delivery or transport vehicles. Information technologies helps in supporting these functionalities from remote locations and update the managers with the latest information of their mobile assets.
  5.  Automatic Vehicle Location Advantage
    Most people are new to the concept of being able to track vehicles, people and pets using mechanical devices. Some people are bound to take it all with a pinch of salt, perhaps as a spin off of the gizmos used in Hollywood action flicks. Some others are likely to view these devices as an intrusion into their lives and equate the device with loss of freedom. However these devices are a godsend to million-dollar businesses at the management level and parents concerned about the safety of their children.
  6. Vehicle Tracking In India 
    Vehicle tracking system or Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVL) is now one of the most popular technological changes in all over the world that is going to make our personal and business life lot easier. As the term suggests, it enables one to track or monitor the location of vehicle in instant time. Primarily, the system functions with the help of different technologies like the Global Positioning System (GPS), traditional cellular network such as Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and other radio frequency medium. But GPS is more effective and accurate in this field. As far as vehicle tracking in India is concerned, its uses and market are expected to increase within a couple of years.
  7. Vehicle Tracking
    If your vehicle goes to the road, anything can happen to the vehicle; may meet some unwanted accident or may be theft. So, it is very necessary to track your vehicle. Keep track on the status and exact location of vehicle carrying valuable goods at anytime and anywhere is essential for both personal as well as business purpose. You can track your vehicle by calling to the driver over mobile phone but this not convenient as your driver might give you false information. So, at any time you won?t be 100% sure about the location and status of the vehicle. Here, various vehicle-tracking technologies based on the Global Positioning System (GPS) or radio frequency medium can track your vehicle location in real-time and provide better control over your assets.
  8. Vehicle Tracking System
    Vehicle tracking system is the technology used to determine the location of a vehicle using different methods like GPS and other radio navigation systems operating through satellites and ground based stations. By following triangulation or trilateration methods the tracking system enables to calculate easy and accurate location of the vehicle. Vehicle information like location details, speed, distance traveled etc. can be viewed on a digital mapping with the help of a software via Internet. Even data can be stored and downloaded to a computer from the GPS unit at a base station and that can later be used for analysis. This system is an important tool for tracking each vehicle at a given period of time and now it is becoming increasingly popular for people having expensive cars and hence as a theft prevention and retrieval device.
  9. GIS in vehicle tracking 
    GIS is a combination of different instruments, which are used to store, modify, and display spatial data after collection. It mainly represents earth?s geographic features and analyses the data given by geographic or spatial coordinates.
  10. Car Theft Prevention using Vehicle Tracking System
    As India is emerging as an economic power country, many people are now being able to afford cars. This shows the power of the country but like double-edged sward this development in other hand, has given rise to a most jeopardizing crime that is cars theft.
  11. Vehicle Tracking and Recovery System
    Vehicle tracking originated from the shipping industry, where the need for managing fleets is the top priority. The tracking system makes it easy in locating ships or vehicle easily on real time basis. It provides power to individual or operator to have full control over its moving asset.
  12. GPS - the boon for Parents
    GPS is giving relief to parents who are not able to keep a continuous vigil on their children. They are too busy with their jobs and can?t keep a tab on them. Due to this reason they remain worried all the time.
  13. Practical uses of the GPS
    GPS emerged as a great help in the field of navigation all over the world. It was first developed by US for military purposes but later it proved very useful instrument for map-making, telecommunications and also for other commercial purposes.

  14. Features and Functions of GPS Vehicle Tracking System
    While handing over the vehicle to the children, there is always a rule book attached. But there are always chances of violation of the instructions given to children. Way out lies in the GPS vehicle tracking system. By this device one can easily monitor whether the rules are being followed by the child or not.
  15. GPS for better fleet management
    GPS technology was developed by US for military purposes to help navigation in air, water as well as on land. Later it became indispensable in commercial areas. A group of satellites are used to send the received data back to receivers on the surface of the earth.
  16. Benefits of using GPS tracking system
    In view of the wide prevalence of Global Positioning System it has become necessary to know how it is handled. Following tips introduce some important parts of the system knowledge of which render it easy to use.
  17. Benefits of GPS tracking in small enterprises
    GPS tracking is mainly a technology to locate a particular object or person while on operation or on rest. A GPS unit is fitted in the vehicle which receives the data and sends it back to the base station.
  18. Positive and negative aspects of Vehicle Tracking
    When some technology comes to be used at practical level it happens to cherish both plus as well as minus points of its own. But sometimes technology may be positive in itself but its application can be misused. Before we go ahead to give space to any technology in our house or work place we should have pre-estimates of its fall outs.
  19. Cell phone GPS tracking
    Communication technology has made a long jump from just being an instrument of access to others. It developed to more than a mode of conversation and communication between two people. Cell phone GPS tracking is its glaring example. GPS tracks the location of a cell by interpreting the data received from satellite.
  20. Changes in vehicle tracking technology
    Vehicle tracking technology has come a long way from its indigenous form of two radios station to efficient GPS and computer tracing. Now-a-days the device is accessible not only to small fleet operators but also to individuals apart from big fleet companies.
  21. GPS in everyday use
    GPS, though originally developed for military purposes happen to be indispensable in daily life today. When we name GPS the pictures of satellite, vehicles tracking and navigation systems flash in mind at once. But today there have been multiple uses of technology apart from vehicle-tracking and map navigation for all practical purposes in daily routine life.




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