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Changes in vehicle tracking technology


Vehicle tracking technology has come a long way from its indigenous form of two radios station to efficient GPS and computer tracing. Now-a-days the device is accessible not only to small fleet operators but also to individuals apart from big fleet companies.

Early technology:

In the initial period of tracking only two radios were used to exchange the information. One radio was attached to the vehicle while another at base station by which drivers were enabled to talk to their masters. Fleet operator could identify the progress through their routes.

The technology was not without its limits. It was restricted by the distance which became a hurdle in accuracy and better connectivity between driver and fleet operators. Base station was dependent on the driver for the information and a huge size fleet could not have been managed depending on man-power only.

The scene of vehicle tracking underwent a change with the arrival of GPS technology. This reduced the dependence on man-power. Most of the work of tracking became electronic. Computers proved a great help in managing a large fleet of vehicle. This also made the information authentic. As this technology was available at affordable cost all whether small or big fleet could take benefit of this technology

Because of the cheap accessibility of the device computer tracking facilities has come to stay and associated with enhanced management. Today each vehicle carries tracking unit which is monitored from the base station. Base station receives the data from the unit.

All these facilities require a heavy investment of capital for the installation of the infrastructure of tracking system for monitoring and dispatching

New development in technology:

New system costs less with increased efficiency. Presently it is small tracking unit in the vehicle with web-based interface, connected through a mobile phone. This device avoids unnecessary investment in infrastructure with the facility of monitoring from anywhere for the fleet managers. This provides more efficient route plan to fleet operators of all sizes and compositions saving money and time.

Future of vehicle tracking:

Vehicle tracking system heralded a new era of convenience and affordability in fleet management. Thus due to its easy availability it is going to stay for long.



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Cell phone GPS tracking

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February 13, 2012

is it possible to use a gps in cameroon if possible what are the procedures.thanks