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Struts 2.0.4 Released


Struts 2.0.4 is released and added dependency on Struts Annotations 1.0.1.

Experimental Features and Plugins

 Please help us test these brave new features. Feedback appreciated!

  • Portlets: Automatic portlet support allows portal and servlet deployments with no code changes
  • AJAX Theme: AJAX tags look and feel just like standard Struts tags but provide greater interactivity and flexibility. The AJAX theme is backed by the popular Dojo Toolkit
  • Zero Configuration: Optionally, eliminate or reduce XML configuration with convention and annotation
  • REST-ful URLs: Use search-engine friendly URLs, like category/action/movie/Thrillers
  • Experimental Plugins
    • Codebehind Plugin: Reduce mundane configuration by using "page controller" conventions.
    • Plexus Plugin - A new plugin that enables Struts Actions, Interceptors, and Results to be created and injected by Plexus.
    • Scope Plugin- Initial version of scope plugin that mimics JBoss Seam-style of scoped bijection (presently in the Sandbox).
    • Struts1 Plugin- A new plugin that allows you to use existing Struts 1 Actions and ActionForms in Struts 2 applications..
    • Tiles Plugin- A new plugin allows your Struts actions to return Tiles pages. The Tiles plugin is dependant on Tiles 2, which is still in beta.

You can download Struts 2.0.4 from http://struts.apache.org/.


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